Amnesty International calls for immediate investigation into shocking video from Mozambique

Amnesty International calls for immediate investigation into shocking video from Mozambique

Almost two-minute long video, men wearing military uniforms, chasing after the wind seen a naked woman, environment, and with it the way rural smooth. Often it is beaten by one man with his staff in the presence of her husband, when they come forth from it close to the other.

Shot in humans and often while lying on the road until one of the men shouts “mild, stop, enough, it’s done.”

I see that people turn and walk away as the last, with one of them announced, “you have killed the al-Shabaab” is the name given to the growing insurgency in the far north country.

Note: This is not a group of Somali links to the terrorist of the same name. The uniformed man looks directly into the camera and raises his two fingers to stop the recording.

“It is horrible to see yet another instance of the gross human rights violations by the Mozambican forces taking place in Cabo Delgado,” Deprose Müchen said Amnesty International’s Director for East and Southern Africa.

There was also another young man, the curfew was killed by a police bullet bullet coronavirus have erred through strong.  His father and his responses I want to

In its analysis of the video, which human rights group says about the men who were wearing the uniform of the Mozambican soldiers. Four other gunmen shot Amnesty said a total of 36 times with AK-47s and PKM-style machine guns. The investigation concluded that the incident took place in the country’s most northern Cabo Delgado province near Awasse.

‘Incident that is consistent with our recently discovered the appalling human rights violations in the space of possible charges under the law, “said Müchen.

CNN has not independently, the authenticity of the video, and the place where was filmed the day, and not by means of the identity of the gunmen.

Mozambique’s Interior Minister denied Amadé Miquidade crimes acts, although not see address on the form of the national television Tuesday, saying the army forces often lead to wear equipment.

“However, if you want to produce propaganda in the security and defense forces, against the Mozambican state to remove the signs / characters that identify them as they see into and to promote an image of atrocity practiced by those who defend the people,” he said.

Ammonium nitrate exploded in Beirut, who buys Him to the mining, he said Mozambican firm

And Cabo Delgado, $ 60 billion for the development of the home, which was heavily guarded by natural gas Mozambican private military and security.

Various with Isis fair, undertaken after overcoming the more sophisticated attacks in recent months, overrunning Mocimba out of Prata, at the strategic port in the north of the regional Pemba in August. Unlike prior attacks by the government forces have struggled to fully recover in friendly territory.

Insurgents have been accused of human rights groups and the government by its own abuse – of beheadings, looting and indiscriminate killing of civilians.

The alleged abuse is illustrated interior minister Tuesday.

“With more, of the country continues to be the object of the irascible faculty is that to terrorists, of course, in the province of Cabo Delgado, where savage which they have trained you, equally inhuman, atrocious acts of men, beheld our men,” he said Miquidade.

Security analysts and human rights workers say the area started operating Tiberias wear sometimes lead to Mozambican military equipment. However, with the video showing the killing of men clad women to speak in Portuguese, Mozambican generally more common in the south.

David McKenzie told CNN’s Brent Swails by Vasco Cotovio and John London reported.

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