Amnesia – Rebirth: the horrific saga is enriched with a new opus and dates with a Trailer

Amnesia – Rebirth: the horrific saga is enriched with a new opus and dates with a Trailer

Released in 2010 and developed by just five people, the game “Amnesia: The Dark Descent” was a pinnacle of survival horror. After a less successful second opus in 2013, the Frictional Games studio announces “Amnesia: Rebirth”, for October 20th. Pictures!

Frictional Games

Flashback sequence. Just ten years ago (almost) a small video game Survival Horror came tumbling down calledAmnesia: The Dark Descent. Developed in pain by a team of five people, largely inspired by the work The Charles Dexter Ward Affair from the great HP Lovecraft, the title plunged players into a mind-blowing descent into Hell worthy of the best horror films. A summit of Survival Horror which required a (damn) heart well hung.

For memory, Amnesia: The Dark Descent allowed the player to slip into the shoes of a certain Daniel. Amnesiac, we knew almost everything about him at the start of the game. In a letter he had written to himself, the latter had chosen to forget everything, in order to carry out a final task: to kill a certain Baron Alexander von Brennenburg. Wading with rage in the nauseating swamps of his subconscious, Daniel sank ever deeper into the bowels of the castle, as a demonic shadow stalked relentlessly to kill him.

While mixing the themes dear to the universe of Howard Phillips Lovecraft (inherited guilt, flight and destiny compromised by dark forces, mental and physical alienation …), produced by a small team of enthusiasts who were also playing on their survival with this title, gigantic snub to productions with a budget at least a hundred times higher, Amnesia: the dark Descent was part of the pantheon of Survival Horror.

The following, Amnesia: a Machine For Pigs, released three years later and developed this time by another indie studio, Thechineseroom, took place in 1899 in a Victorian steampunk universe of the most beautiful effect. But we were very, very far from the spirit Survival Horror of the first opus, and inevitably several notches below its predecessor.

Frictional Games, the studio developer of the first part, has just announced a 3rd chapter in the saga: Amnesia: Rebirth, which will be available on October 20. Taking back control of development, the studio will this time immerse the players in Algeria, in the shoes of a woman named Tasi Trianon, who finds herself in the middle of the desert and not knowing how or why she arrived. there, after his plane crashed.

“Amnesia is not just another haunted house thing, but an emotionally grueling journey” said Thomas Grip, head of game development. “We want to go beyond the simple jump scare, that the players are affected more deeply. While Amnesia: Rebirth will contain terrifying encounters and moments that you have come to expect in an Amnesia game, it is also much more focused. on storytelling than previous games. We want players to be able to form a strong bond with Tasi and his journey. ” So much for the profession of faith. Given the studio’s pedigree, they can be trusted with their very next game, which will be available on the Steam, GOG and Epic Game Store platforms, and, quite possibly, on PS4. We imagine that a few Djinn will obviously be on the menu …

In the meantime, make way for the trailer!

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