American Retailers Limiting the Customers That Can Enter Stores

American Retailers Limiting the Customers That Can Enter Stores

Various companies around the United States still have their stores open during the coronavirus pandemic. These include places that are considered to be “essential services” for how they sell food and household items. But some businesses are starting to produce limits to keep crowds from being intense and to encourage people to stay home if possible.

These retailers are establishing crowd limits to prevent people from being too close to one another. The effort goes alongside other control measures like reducing the number of hours of operation and producing senior-only shopping hours during the early times of the day. The rules for who can enter varies by a chain, and further rules may come about in the future depending on what individual stores think is appropriate.

American Retailers Limiting the Customers
American Retailers Limiting the Customers

Target Control

The big-box retailer Target has been open thanks to how many Target locations feature supermarkets. But Target stores will monitor how many people enter at a time and will have people wait outside before it is acceptable for them to enter. The number of people who can be in a store at once will vary based on the square footage of the location.

Home Depot Limits

The Home Depot remains open, as it offers home care products. But there are also limits on how many people can enter Home Depot locations. The store is also closing much earlier than usual.

Lowe’s, the main competitor of the Home Depot, does not have limits on who can enter. But the company is actively promoting its curbside pickup service.

Costco Limitations

The bulk warehouse store Costco has limits on entry as well. Only two people can enter with one membership card. There are also markers all around that ensure people won’t go over certain spots and get too close while in line. Costco also has limits on how many products people can buy at a time.

Other Rules Vary

Many other stores have different rules for how many people can enter stores. Best Buy allows about ten customers at a time, plus the store is encouraging people to use its curbside pickup service. Staples also has a hard limit of twenty-five customers in the store, while also highlighting pickup services.

Grocery store chains are also establishing various limits. Wegmans is among the first to have such rules. Other chains will have specific rules, but the terms may vary.

There is a chance that governments might issue limits in certain areas. There have been reports that the state of Ohio is considering establishing limits for who can enter a property.

How Long Are the Limits?

It is uncertain as to how long these limits will last. There are beliefs that things could start to get back to normal in May. But much of this relies on how well the virus can be contained and if people follow the proper social distancing rules. The retailers that are establishing limits on who enters and how long they are open for may help in ensuring the virus will be easier to control and manage.

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