American Nightmare 5: Jason Blum and James DeMonaco answer our Purge quiz

The horror thriller American Nightmare 5: Without Lilmites is released today in our theaters. AlloCiné spoke with the team of the last film of the saga.

Eight years after the first part, the American Nightmare saga comes to an end with American Nightmare 5: Without Limits. In this opus which takes place on the border between the United States and Mexico, a Mexican couple Adela (Ana de la Reguera) and her husband Juan (Tenoch Huerta), are preparing to experience their first purge.

But unlike previous times, the purge does not end. An organized group has indeed decided to continue the massacre and put the country to fire and blood.

Directed by Everardo Gout, this fifth installment, more political than the previous ones, is still written by the creator of the franchise James DeMonaco and produced by Jason Blum.

The duo behind this horrific saga has agreed to take our quiz. How to survive the purge? Are they more on the side of the hunters or the hunted? Answers in the video above.

Allociné also had the opportunity to speak with director Everardo Gout.

AlloCiné: How did you get on “American Nightmare 5”?

Everardo Gout : One day my agent sent me the synopsis of the fifth installment of the American Nightmare saga. There was no script. At first I was surprised because I didn’t know they wanted to make a new film.

Reading the little that was sent to me, I told myself that there were some good ideas and that I could make something fresh and new with them. I really wanted to reinvent this franchise that I really like.

So, I spoke at length with the creator and producer of the franchise, James DeMonaco. We hit it off right away and we both agreed to do something totally different. Between the spaghetti western and Mad Max.

American nightmare 5: jason blum and james demonaco answer our purge quiz

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In addition, the film will most certainly be the last part of the franchise, it had to end in apotheosis. James wanted to go back to the original concept, as he felt the basic idea had watered down and “faded” with the films that followed.

Over time, the original message got lost. He wanted this fifth film to be super dynamic and scary. And all this while making people think as much as possible about the violent times we are going through.

A film about the reality of Mexican immigrants

What are the themes covered in the film?

There is a lot of talk here about what is happening on the border between the United States and Mexico. It is important to understand the root of the problem and realize the desperation of all those Mexicans and Latinos who are trying to migrate to the United States.

And you have to realize that these people run, in large part, America’s economy once they cross the border. Not all gangsters and thugs screwing up the shit. They participate in the collective American good.

So I’m talking, in part, about their reality in this episode of American Nightmare.

American nightmare 5: jason blum and james demonaco answer our purge quiz

Universal Pictures France

This film is a kind of black-mirror of our society

Do you think this film will reflect on the violence of our societies?

First of all, I hope I have made a film that will serve as entertainment. But it is true that I also aspire to make this same public reflect on the “virus” that violence has become, just like the covid virus which has been rotting our lives for over a year.

This movie is kind of black-mirror Of our society. Violence is truly a virus. Once you get violent you can’t control yourself and it becomes contagious. Violence then spreads everywhere and becomes unmanageable!

It is an appalling vicious cycle. The only solution is to stop the virus by coming together as a human family and to stop being afraid of each other, because that is what causes resentment.

Deep down, we all want the same thing: a stable family, a job, good health … We really need to come together and build peace, together.

American Nightmare 5 Trailer

* Interview by Emmanuel Itier

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