American Nightmare 5: a deadly shooting during a screening of the film in California

Monday evening July 26, a young woman was killed in a shooting in an American cinema which broadcast American Nightmare 5. Another victim was seriously injured.

American nightmare 5: a deadly shooting during a screening of the film in california
Universal Pictures International France

Police were called by The Regal Edwards Corona Crossings RPX theater in Corona, California on Monday night following a shooting in which a teenage girl was killed.

The 18-year-old died on the spot from her injuries. Another spectator was also injured: a young man of 19, taken to hospital in critical condition.

The shooting erupted during a screening of the fifth episode of the American Nightmare saga, as Corona Police Corporal Tobias Kouroubacalis confirmed to the Hollywood Reporter. An investigation has been opened and no arrests have yet taken place.

Directed by Everardo Gout, American Nightmare 5: Without Limits, which releases in France on August 4, takes up the concept of the franchise. Namely, a night when all crimes, including murder, are allowed for 12 hours. The plot centers on two families who, in the aftermath of this annual outburst of violence, must unite following an attack.

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