American Horror Stories on Disney +: what do Internet users think of this spin-off? – News …

American horror stories on disney +: what do internet users think of this spin-off? - news...

Launched on September 8 in Star on Disney +, the first season of American Horror Stories is now available in full on the platform. The ideal opportunity to take an interest in the opinion of Internet users on these seven terrifying episodes!

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Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk strike again… After Glee, Pose, 9-1-1 and so many others, the duo continue their momentum with a horrifically successful spin-off American Horror Story, launched last September on Disney + in France.

Now available in full on the platform, the American Horror Stories series features terrifying new stories with every episode. A famous haunted house, a murderous Santa Claus, a drive-in session with deadly consequences, a night in the forest that turns into a drama … Each story offers you its share of thrills and frightening sequences, and it is the Internet users who talk about it the best !

Episode 1: The Latex Woman, Part One

American Horror Stories brings together a cast made up of faces well known to Ryan Murphy fans, like Kevin McHale, Billie Lourd, and Dylan McDermott, as well as some new talent.

From the first episode, the spectators thus find Matt Bomer (American Horror Story, The Normal Heart, The New Normal), but also Sierra McCormick, known to some for the role of Olive Doyle in Section Genius, and who seems to have conquered the public…

Translation : “She was fantastic in the first episode of American Horror Stories !!”

Episode 2: The Latex Woman, Part Two

For fans of the American Horror Story franchise, this spin-off is also an opportunity to rediscover an essential place of the series: the famous “Murder House” which hosted Connie Britton, Dylan McDermott and Evan Peters in the first season. A cursed setting ideal for staging new blood-curdling stories!

Translation : “Right now watching American Horror Stories Episode 2, I love that the first two episodes are set in the Haunted House.”

Episode 3: The drive-in

Like the series on which it is based, American Horror Stories places the cursor very high on the horror scale, so much so that some Internet users no longer wish to set foot in certain places where some of the most famous scenes have taken place. more appalling.

Translation : “I will NEVER go to a drive-in movie. #AmericanHorrorStories ”

Episode 4: The Villains List

No subject is off limits for the teams in the series and certainly not as popular a family celebration as Christmas. The perfect theme to offer to none other than Danny Trejo, the actor who holds the record for the number of deaths on the big screen, the role of… Santa Claus, but not just any one: a Santa Claus murderer of course!

Translation : “Danny Trejo as psychopathic Santa Claus in an episode of American Horror Stories is something I didn’t know I needed, but now I want more.”

Episode 5: Ba’al

Among the most shocking episodes of this season, the fifth tells the story of a young woman desperate to get pregnant, and you are not ready for the final denouement …

Translation : “Episode 5, this conclusion… #AmericanHorrorStories”

Episode 6: Let’s Wild

If American Horror Stories is scary, it is thanks to its stories which are inspired by urban legends, real news items or paranormal phenomena. The sixth episode takes a look at the rumor that wild men and cannibals populate the forests of American national parks.

Translation : “About episode 6 of the American Horror Stories spin-off: ‘Savages’ disturbed me so much that I still read articles about the facts and stories that vaguely inspired the episode.”

Episode 7: Game over

This Wednesday, October 20, just a few days before Halloween, Disney + unveiled the final episode of the horror series, which takes place once again in the famous haunted house so popular with fans. A conclusion not to be missed!

Translation : “American Horror Stories. Look at her. Episode 7 is amazing. If you don’t agree, sorry you are wrong. “

Bonus: personalized generics!

A little extra that particularly delighted Internet users: the credits of each episode change depending on the theme of it. We are counting on you not to “ignore the intro”!

The first season of American Horror Stories is available in full on Star in Disney +.

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