American Crime Story trailer on CANAL +: Ryan Murphy revisits the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky scandal – news series on tv

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Soon on CANAL +, season 3 of the anthological series “American Crime Story”, entitled “Impeachment”, is revealed with a final trailer full of promises.

After the teaser, the trailer. Expected for September 7 on the American channel FX – and soon in France – season 3 of American Crime Story is already making a lot of talk. It must be said that Ryan Murphy unearths one of the biggest scandals in the country: the adulterous relationship between Bill Clinton, former 42nd President of the United States, and his 22-year-old intern, Monica Lewinsky, between the walls of the House- White. The case will lead the head of state to impeachment proceedings, nearly 20 years after President Richard Nixon resigned over the Watergate case.

The first images promise a fascinating series, retracing the controversy with a lot of information. To stay true to reality, Ryan Murphy has surrounded himself with Monica Lewinsky, who officiates as a producer to give her side of the story. This Impeachment is also the opportunity to discover the work of a cast made up of faces and therefore unrecognizable. Sarah Paulson, hidden under a blonde wig, plays Linda Tripp; Beanie Feldstein plays the famous intern; Edie Falco plays Hillary Clinton, while Clive Owen – hidden behind prostheses – plays Bill Clinton.

Composed of 10 episodes – the first of which will be directed by Ryan Murphy -, American Crime Story: Impeachment will land on CANAL + in the fall.

Check out the trailer:

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