American Crime Story: an intriguing teaser for season 3 on Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky – news series on tv

American crime story: an intriguing teaser for season 3 on bill clinton and monica lewinsky - news series on tv

Expected for September 7 in the United States and very soon on CANAL +, season 3 of the anthological series “American Crime Story” will reveal the secrets of the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky scandal. Check out the teaser.

Long awaited, season 3 is finally here. After the OJ Simpson affair and the assassination of Gianni Versace, the American Crime Story series returns to one of the biggest scandals in American history: the adulterous relationship between the 42nd president of the USA, Bill Clinton, and 22-year-old Maison-Banche intern, Monica Lewinsky. This incident will lead the head of state to impeachment proceedings – called in English impeachment, a term which becomes the title of this third season.

Behind this program, composed of 10 parts, the spectators find Ryan Murphy, who will direct the first episode, but also the main concerned, Monica Lewinsky, who co-produces the series. The involvement of the businesswoman promises an exciting season, detail-oriented and sticking to the veracity of the facts, which is what makes the success ofAmerican Crime Story.

The first teaser shows the intern walking through the halls of the White House to the President’s office with a gift in hand. “Mr. President, Miss Lewinsky is here“, announces the secretary.

In the casting, Beanie Feldstein, appeared in Lady Bird by Greta Gerwig and Booksmart Olivia Wilde, will play the young woman, Sarah Paulson will lend her features to Linda Tripp, one of her colleagues, Annaleigh Ashford will play Paula Jones, who had accused the head of state of sexual assault. Finally, Clive Owen will be President Clinton and Edie Falco will play his wife, Hillary Clinton.

Season 3 begins on September 7 in America and in the fall on CANAL + in France.

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