American Cowboy Bebop Reviews Have Fallen: Why So Much Hate? – News …

American cowboy bebop reviews have fallen: why so much hate? - news...

Reviews have already fallen across the Atlantic for Cowboy Bebop due November 19 on Netflix. Many critics seem to have disliked this adaptation of the popular anime. Here’s why.

The first reviews for Cowboy Bebop, Netflix’s live-action series have been released, and they are mostly negative. Since its debut in 1998, the Cowboy Bebop anime has been a staple among the growing community of Japanese anime fans. It quickly established itself as one of the most popular and influential works in this already very rich universe. The live series adaptation, however, doesn’t seem to leave the same impression on American critics.

Reviews on this adaptation of Cowboy Bebop were mixed from day one. Still, the casting photos and early trailers made it seem like the series would try to be true to the original work. Moreover, the presence of Yoko Kanno, the composer of the original anime, announced to compose the music for the series was also a reassuring argument.

On the flip side, there has been, and still is, a long list of failed anime adaptations, which logically sparked some skepticism with this new attempt. With Cowboy Bebop’s early reviews being largely negative, this skepticism ultimately seems to be justified.

Critics blame the series for sticking too much to the original anime while failing to capture its magic. And at the same time, it seems his attempts to do something new are also failing… Here is a list of those critiques.

Entertainment Weekly :

“Now that the live-action Lion King and the original cartoon are both available on Disney + for the same price, what a sane person would ever click on the dull, ‘realistic’ version when the magnificent chef- Animated artwork is available too …? The new Cowboy Bebop is likely to thrill anyone who has never seen the original anime, and those who have seen it might be thrilled with all the tributes and reenactments. anyway, it would be more satisfying to watch the original series. C’est la vie. “

Vulture :

Cowboy Bebop has never been an anime among many, but in this new form it’s just one more Netflix action series, with a soft mid-season stomach, imperceptible dialogue and sexless sex scenes. Once the excitement of seeing Bebop’s couch, Spike’s cigarettes, and Ein’s exuberant hustle and bustle in the real world, everything that’s missing from this adaptation becomes obvious. and in bone, Cowboy Bebop is losing some of its melancholy soul. “ :

“Cowboy Bebop had a jazz beat, an art form full of improvisation. You can’t pretend with that. You certainly can’t just try to recreate that, but this live version loses all sense of creativity in a failed attempt to stay true to the original material. Someone should call a bounty hunter. “

Some positive reviews

That being said, there was still some praise for the series. Many critics found the cast to be excellent, and while some felt the series was failing in trying to recapture the magic of the original series, others felt it was doing a pretty good job in that regard.


“Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop manages to capture and celebrate the anime unashamedly, even though some attempts to add to the storyline fail.” :

Like its motley protagonists, Cowboy Bebop is a bit rough-hewn, but also eminently entertaining and an absolute blast to pass the time. The Netflix adaptation doesn’t quite manage to capture the coolness of the anime, but it does. ‘darn close. “

Rolling Stone :

“Whenever it feels like none of these elements should make sense put together, especially in the live-action, Cowboy Bebop soars off a cliff, refusing to look into the void, and keep moving on.”

Overall, it is noted that many critics felt that the Netflix adaptation could not live up to its predecessor and iconic anime. Despite a few bright spots, the general consensus is that Cowboy Bebop falls flat both as an adaptation and as an independent work. While fans and viewers alike may react better, for now, the series appears to be joining the lackluster collection of live-action adaptations of popular anime.

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