America Latina: when a father goes crazy at The Shining – Actus Ciné

America latina: when a father goes crazy at the shining - actus ciné

Watch out! A new nugget comes to us from Italy called America Latina, a visceral thriller with an agonizing atmosphere like The Shining. The film is directed by the D’Innocenzo brothers, rising stars of transalpine cinema.

After the very disturbing Story of Vacanzereleased on October 13, 2021, the brothers damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo are already back behind the camera with the disturbing latin america (in theaters August 17).

For this new story with an agonizing atmosphere, the duo once again calls Elio Germano. The actor embodies this time Massimo Sisti, a dentist who has everything he could dream of: a sublime villa and a loving family.

But an event will change his life forever. As he descends into his cellar, he discovers a little girl tied up and in very bad shape. Who is she ? How did she get there?


Aged 34, Damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo have conquered Italy in a few years. These twin brothers from Tor Bella Monaca, on the outskirts of Rome, started in 2017 in collaboration with the famous Matteo Garrone (Gomorra).

When the latter meets them in a pizzeria, he is quickly seduced by their energy and their thirst for cinema. He then offers them to work with him on the screenplay of Dogman.

“We met Garrone in a pizzeria, by chance. We went to greet him and we finally spent the evening talking about cinema. The next day we were at his house; that’s where the collaboration for Dogman was born”they confided to the microphone of AlloCiné in November 2018.

“Garrone taught us a lot of things; he’s an incredible screenwriter, always concrete, never abstract or confused.

In addition, he is the producer of his films, in this way, he writes sequences that he is always sure to be able to shoot, never anything too expensive or too complicated”they added.

In 2018, Fabio and Damiano directed their first feature film, Blood brothersa poignant story of friendship against a backdrop of crime.

After this first successful experience, the directors set to work on their second feature film, Storia di Vacanze.

This time, they move away from the mafia genre towards pure social drama, depicting an inglorious facet of Italian society.


With America Latina, the two brothers continue in this provocative vein. They chose to tell this story because it appealed to them a lot as human beings, as narrators and spectators.

“It’s a story that raised in us questions to which we had no answer. Questioning ourselves is the most precious mission of cinema.

America Latina takes this possibility at face value, recounting a man forced to question his own identity”point out Fabio and Damiano D’Innocenzo.

Blood Brothers and Storia di Vacanze also talked about family stories, the feeling of belonging, blood ties, but the directors never went as far into the subject as in America Latina.

“We chose the most risky path for us: softness. Softness and all its extreme consequences. America Latina is a film about light, and we favored the point of view of darkness to observe it”say the filmmakers.

By choosing the point of view of the father, the directors have eyed the side of shining of Stanley Kubrick. In some ways, Massimo is reminiscent of the character of Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson), who is losing control little by little in the heart of the family circle.

In addition, the large, opulent and austere villa that houses the family is reminiscent of the infamous Overlook Hotel in Kubrick’s feature film.


Fabio and Damiano are currently in the post-production phase of their 4th film, Travel Well, Kamikaze. This is their first work in the English language.

The story takes place in Los Angeles and follows a young man who intends to carry out a terrorist attack in the city.

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