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Amélie Poulain likes to unearth the little details that nobody notices in the movies … That’s good, Michel & Michel too!

“Michel & Michel are the technical specialists of AlloCiné.
Michel & Michel do not like poorly hidden microphone poles.
They don’t like when a plan has been reversed.
Or when an accessory doesn’t stop moving.
Michel & Michel like to discover something that nobody had noticed.
Watch movies in slow motion and analyze them.
And take out their yellow marker to underline everything. “

The fabulous destiny of Amelie Poulain

The fabulous destiny of Amelie Poulain

Released on

April 25, 2001


2h 00min

Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Audrey Tautou,
Philippe Beautier,
Regis Iacono,
Andree Damant,
Franck Monier

Otherwise, the errors, blunders and false connections of the Fabulous destiny of Amélie Poulain, can be found in the player above. And it’s heavy, very, very heavy!

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