Ambulance: Michael Bay closer to the action on the explosive set of his film with Jake Gyllenhaal

Expected on February 23, 2022 on our screens, “Ambulance” is in full swing. And its director Michael Bay is not cold-eyed as he proves in an impressive video, where he oversees the action very, very closely.

Ambulance: michael bay closer to the action on the explosive set of his film with jake gyllenhaal
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Michael Bay is a man of action, and he proved it in his first film, Bad Boys, released in 1995. A quarter of a century later, the director still seems determined to blow everything up on screen and on his tray, maximizing the practical effects he supervises as closely as possible. This is still the case with Ambulance, which he is currently filming, and he shows it to us with a particularly impressive video, posted on Instagram.

“I’m the guy in black on the dolly [support de la caméra monté sur rails, ndlr]. We shoot these controlled shots that look dangerous. It takes a great team to allow these plans to exist, given the physical mechanics involved and the cars to manage. In the end, everyone was safe. This video shot with a phone makes things scarier than they used to be. “

Details welcome from Michael Bay, because the video suggests that he narrowly escaped a collision with the title ambulance. The one that two totally desperate brothers steal, regardless of the fact that a paramedic and a patient in critical condition are on board. Adapted from a Danish film from 2005, unseen in our theaters but visible on Netflix since February 12, the feature film will be released on our screens on February 23, 2022, worn by Jake Gyllenhaal, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Eiza Gonzalez. But more Dylan O’Brien, a time announced in the casting. And given this glimpse behind the scenes, the set has everything to be explosive.

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