Amazon’s Halo Rise Tracks Your Breathing

Sleeping next to a simple gadget like a Smartphone drives me batty, forget about Amazon hardware. But, that’s my perspective. Thousands of people in this world are in search of an ideal device that could monitor their sleeping patterns. Even after expert warnings that sleep trackers could make insomnia worse, people can’t desist from buying one.

Our wretched lifestyle allows e-commerce companies like Amazon and Google to find a solution for this problem, resulting in the former launching a peculiar-looking product like Halo Rise. The Seattle-based company announced the arrival of Halo Rise in its fall hardware event, where it unveiled many other products along with the much-awaited Amazon sleep tracker.

This is certainly not the first sleep tracker we have come across and definitely not the last, but since it comes from the e-commerce behemoth, the expectations are sky-high. Unlike watches – that keep a close tab on your respiration – it isn’t a wearable gadget. Halo Rise is rather a compact device designed to sit on your bedside table.

Amazon packs a bedside lamp, an alarm clock and a sleep tracker in one device. As a lamp, it is integrated with a built-in wake-up LED light, which can also be used as a reading light. On the other hand, it simulates the colors of sunrise as a wake-up light by gradually brightening to rouse you from sleep in a natural way.

Moreover, the device functions as an alarm clock and helps wake you up in the morning using lights and a smart alarm speaker. It also measures room temperature, humidity and light.

Albeit being armed with multiple features, Amazon hasn’t embedded any camera or microphone in this particular device. So, it isn’t a gear that will be roaming around and creeping upon you, rather it will sit in one place and scan your breathing. Mainly dedicated to helping improve your sleep, the multi-purpose bedside tracker features built-in sensor technology that provides highly accurate insights and personalized sleep analysis.

When you are sleeping, the tracker will pick up on your breathing and movement patterns to determine which stage of sleep you are in and reveal its report to you the following day. The report summary will include a graph showing time spent in each sleep phase.

Amazon wanted no loopholes in its latest creation, so it used a sleep algorithm that has been trained and validated against overnight polysomnography. Amazon calls it “the clinical gold standard for sleep analysis.” However, there is a catch here, in case there are multiple people sleeping on the same bed, the device will only track the primary user closest to it.

The company doesn’t explain the tech behind this but hat tip to The Verge who assumes it is harnessing on ultrasound tech found in some Echo devices. The company emphasizes on privacy, so you can easily turn off sleep tracking at any time and it will essentially function as a lamp and an alarm clock.

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On a little downside, it doesn’t have Alexa built-in, so you must have to pair it with an Alexa-enabled device to make the most of it. Nevertheless, the device smoothly plugs into the wall, so you need not worry about charging it. Retailing for $140, Halo Rise is Amazon’s first dedicated sleeping device that can be controlled via the Halo app.

Halo Rise Sleep tracker by Amazon
Image: Amazon
Halo Rise Sleep tracker by Amazon
Image: Amazon

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