Amazon: the 7 best sci-fi movies to watch on Prime Video

Are you a fan of complex and sought-after science fiction or simply cult and celebrated? Discover the 7 best SF movies available on Amazon Prime! On the menu: a humanitarian interstellar journey, cloned dinosaurs…

Amazon: the 7 best sci-fi movies to watch on prime video
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1- Interstellar

As Earth is doomed, a small group of astronauts rush through a space-time rift in hopes of finding a new planet to save humanity. So far we have understood everything… or almost! An essential work of science fiction, Interstellar is a journey to the confines of space that has impressed critics and audiences alike with its breathtaking visuals, its ambitious and rhythmic scenario and the intelligence of its subject.

Touching and breathless, it stages an extraordinary epic carried by a string of determined actors. A spectacular experience that questions as much as it fascinates. Complex and perplexing: the Christopher Nolan all spit, and therefore not to be missed.

2- AND the extra-terrestrial

Who has never heard of ET, the most famous extra-terrestrial in the world who, abandoned on Earth, meets little Elliot, ten years old. Between him and the boy then forms a unique and telepathic bond of the most extraordinary. With the complicity of his sister and his brother, Elliot decides to host the alien and to try to protect him from the soldiers looking for him, while helping him in his mission: to return home.

Steven Spielberg’s cult film has never ceased to fascinate its viewers and rock the childhood of more than one generation for 40 years already. Mythical story of an extraordinary friendship, AND it is also cult scenes and young actors touching sincerity at the heart of a fairy tale about otherness and the acceptance of others who have not aged a bit : a timeless classic to (re)watch alone or with family, for its magic and nostalgia.

3- Jurassic Park

This is another Steven Spielberg classic that needs no introduction. It all starts when billionaire John Hammond decides to revive a few species of dinosaurs by cloning them from a drop of blood contained in a fossilized mosquito. And since then nothing has worked! The creation of his theme park on an island in Costa Rica quickly turns into a nightmare when nature – helped by the malicious computer scientist Dennis Nedry – takes back its rights. Much more than a simple story of dinosaurs, Jurassic Park is the beginning of a saga which has not finished making people talk about it and which has marked the minds of millions of spectators with its revolutionary computer graphics for its time. .

But Jurassic Park is also a trio at the top: Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum, all three perfect in a memorable and grandiose adventure. And as if that weren’t enough, the whole thing is accompanied by a magnificent soundtrack by John Williams: wonder, thrills and emotions are there, even almost 30 years later.

4- Welcome to Gattaca

Andrew Niccol’s first film plunges us into a “perfect” world where Gattaca is a space research center for young people with irreproachable genetic heritage. While Jerome, an ideal specimen, sees his life turned upside down due to an accident, Vincent, an ordinary man, dreams of a trip to space. A little change of identity later, just to help each other and defy the law: indeed welcome to Gattaca.

A sci-fi film of rare beauty and originality, the breathtaking thriller is a work of anticipation with gripping suspense, presenting a cold and sanitized universe that is nevertheless fascinating, moving, intense and visionary. With its sober direction, its inventive screenplay, its elegant photography and its careful acting, Welcome to Gattaca is an atypical feature film which marks and makes you think and which we advise you to discover as soon as possible if not is not already done.

5- The Fifth Element

XXIII century. In a colorful futuristic world, a taxi driver and former military man finds himself embarked on a quest to save humanity from absolute evil. All hope then rests on the “fifth element”, a mysterious young woman named Leeloo. A great success at the French box office, Luc Besson’s film has since its release in 1997 won its letters of nobility and its cult status.

A Franco-British-American production shot in English, The Fifth Element was nominated for an Oscar in addition to winning three Césars: Best Director, Best Cinematography and Best Sets, that says a lot. With its gripping and original plot and its kitsch futuristic universe, without forgetting its crazy characters and offbeat humor, the film is a UFO and a gem of science fiction with a prestigious cast that is more: Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich and Gary Oldman in headliners of a feature film with rhythmic action and full of inventiveness.

6- Akira

In 1988, Tokyo was destroyed and World War III began. 31 years later, in 2019, Neo-Tokyo is a corrupt megalopolis overrun with rebel biker gangs: among them, Tetsuo who, after an accident, is captured by the army. Becoming the object of secret tests, he is then endowed with psychic abilities in addition to becoming violent and discovers the existence of Akira, a boy with incredible strength, at the origin of the destruction of Tokyo. Ahead of its time, the animated film depicts a murky futuristic world with vital political and social issues.

Signed by Katsuhiro Ōtomo and adapted from his own manga of the same name, Akira is a mainstay of Japanese anime that has captured worldwide attention with its impressive creativity and researched anticipation storytelling. Here everything is in the originality of the scenario and the writing of the characters in addition to the themes addressed and the density of the universe presented. But the fantastic thriller would not be what it is without the detail of its drawing, the quality of its staging and its dark atmosphere that will never leave you. Do not miss.

7- Minority Report

In 2054, murder no longer exists. Thanks to a detection system – meaning three extra-lucid people called “Pre-Cogs” – the murderers are indeed arrested before committing their crime. John Anderton is the one who stalks them as the leader of the “Precrime” until the day when he is the one who is accused of a future murder. He then only has 36 hours to find his victim and prove his innocence against his former team in pursuit. His only clues: the enigmatic visions of Agatha, the most fragile of clairvoyants.

Tom Cruise and Colin Farrell in front of the camera inspired by Steven Spielberg, it gives Minority Report, an exciting and explosive thriller with a sophisticated scenario in which the suspense is at its height and the twists and turns are numerous. A powerful and imaginative action and science fiction film, it intelligently mixes technology and psychology for a daring and innovative result that we absolutely recommend.

The best movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video

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