Amazon: the 7 best horror films to watch on Prime Video

A little craving for big thrills? Check out our selection of the best horror movies to watch on Prime Video. On the program, cult or acclaimed zombie fights, a perfectly adapted ancestral tale, a famous shark hunt…

Amazon: the 7 best horror films to watch on prime video
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Please note: this ranking is based on the ratings of AlloCiné internet users. Only films with at least 500 votes were taken into account in this top.

1- Last train to Busan

The situation is simple: an unknown virus transforming the population into zombies has spread in South Korea, a state of emergency is then declared. On a train departing from Seoul, passengers wage a merciless struggle to survive until Busan where they hope to be safe.

Between suffocating camera scenes and impressive hordes of zombies, Last Train to Busan has everything the perfect horror movie. Inventive and filmed with ingenuity, endearing characters, frantic pace and well-placed humor: voila! Filmmaker Sang-ho Yeon’s acclaimed feature film is indeed smart, impressive, and won’t let you breathe. Selected and presented “out of competition” at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, the film is a mad dash with fundamental human issues in addition to disguised social criticism. Get on board: a decision you won’t regret.


In 1492, Prince Vlad Dracul, returning from war, finds his fiancée committed suicide: she is then considered damned. Heartbroken, the prince denies the Church and swears to avenge it: he then becomes Count Dracula. Four hundred years later, the vampire leaves Transylvania for England and discovers the existence of Mina Murray, the fiancée of his lawyer Jonathan Harker, lookalike of Elisabeth, his lost love.

Faithful to Bram Stoker’s novel, which he adapts marvelously, Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula is a brilliant return to the original myth and undoubtedly his best adaptation. Worn, moreover, by legendary actors – Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Keanu Reeves and Anthony Hopkins – the film is an illustration
romantic, melancholy and baroque of the timeless tale, releasing a bewitching and sulphurous atmosphere. Sophisticated direction and photography, elaborate script and excellent acting, we are dealing here with a masterpiece, quite simply.

3- Jaws

As the summer season is about to begin, the inhabitants of a small seaside resort are shocked when the body of a vacationer is found mutilated. The chief of police, Martin Brody, is formal: it’s a shark attack. But while he wants to ban access to the beaches, the mayor of the city thinks only of the profit generated by the influx of tourists. As the beast continues to run rampant, Brody teams up with a marine biologist and a former sailor to hunt this hungry great white shark.

It doesn’t get any more cult than this internationally acclaimed Steven Spielberg classic, adapted from a bestselling novel by Peter Benchley. Perfect technical mastery and astounding special effects – which were undoubtedly the source of many shark phobias among its viewers – contributed to the success of this realistic and well-crafted disaster film. Sober, precise and effective, Jaws is a mythical work, both fascinating and terrifying, provoking psychosis and anxiety: a model in the genre, sublimated by the music of the great John Williams.

4- Welcome to Zombieland

When a group of four polar opposites band together to survive a zombie apocalypse, it’s Welcome to Zombieland, the cult horror comedy starring the even more cult quartet of actors Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin.

But if the world is now invaded by the undead, Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita and Little Rock each have their personal mission to accomplish: the first, an outstanding zombie hunter, is above all in search of the last Twinkies, his favorite cupcakes. ; the second, a terrified young man, wants to find his family, while the last two, trained sisters, try to join an amusement park to be able to escape. Directed by Ruben Fleischer, Welcome to Zombieland is a completely twisted and crazy adventure. On the menu, hilarious lines and quirky situations for a fun and crazy result. A zombie movie that doesn’t take itself seriously, we couldn’t ask for more!

5- Pan’s Labyrinth

In 1944 in Spain, the war ends. The mother of the young Ofélia settles down with her new husband, an authoritarian captain of the Franco army. As she adapts badly to her new life, Ofélia discovers near her home, a mysterious labyrinth guarded by Pan, a strange magical and demonic creature who
learns that she is the missing princess of an enchanted kingdom. To clear up this mystery, the young girl must complete three perilous trials…

Rewarded by 3 Oscars, Pan’s Labyrinth is of unparalleled elegance. Guillermo del Toro’s masterpiece, dense and powerful, reinvents the fairy tale, here violent and sensitive, both simple and complex. It’s visually beautiful and fascinating, poetic and frightening, a real escape into a marvelous, dark and captivating fantasy world. Here is a visual slap with strong symbolism, to discover absolutely.

6- Repulsion

Carole is a young woman working and living in London with her sister Hélène. Introverted, her revulsion towards sexuality is the starting point of her relational problems with men, in particular with Colin, whom she rejects, and Michael, her sister’s lover, whom she hardly appreciates. When the latter goes on a trip with Michael, Carole gradually falls into schizophrenia and quickly finds herself haunted by noises…

Carried by a stunning Catherine Deneuve, Repulsion is a psychological drama in black and white, forbidden to the youngest, where neurosis is king. Classic of the cinema of Roman Polanski, the film, harrowing, strange and heavy, leans on human madness and quickly becomes a singular, enigmatic and gloomy nightmare, sublimated by an inventive and neat staging.

7- Without a sound

In a post-apocalyptic world, a family tries to survive against mysterious creatures that attack at the slightest sound. If they hear you, it’s already too late. Breathtaking – and speechless – Without a Noise is a terrifying and oppressive but also terribly touching fantastico-horror thriller: here is a winning combo.

With a brilliant script and visual mastery, the film is a silent lesson in cinema given by a meticulous and gifted John Krasinski. Almost silent, everything is based on its palpable tension and its vital stakes which surprise the spectator, glued to his armchair, in apnea, but also on the acting of its actors, each more remarkable than the other. Emily Blunt is masterful there, John Krasinski is powerful there, without forgetting the revelation that is Millicent Simmonds, a deaf young actress glaring with sincerity. More than a horror film, A Quiet Place is an ode to the family and to what we would be able to do to save it, a nugget of cinema that cannot be forgotten or missed.

The best horror movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video

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