Amazon Prime: District 9, Cloverfield-10 sci-fi movies to watch during confinement

Amazon Prime: District 9, Cloverfield-10 sci-fi movies to watch during confinement

Amazon Prime: District 9, Cloverfield-10 sci-fi movies to watch during confinement

In this period of confinement, we recommend 10 of the science fiction films available on Amazon Prime to escape from your sofa. On the program: “Star Trek”, “Inception,” The Faculty “…

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Star Trek (2009)

Eleventh film from the Star Trek universe, this film focuses on the first mission of Kirk and Spock aboard the U.S. Enterprise, in a universe parallel to that of the 1960s series. With Star Trek, J.J. Abrams manages to bring a modern breath to the franchise and make it accessible to both trekkies and neophytes. Pure entertainment with no dead time full of humor.

Minority Report (2002)

With this adaptation of Philip K. Dick, major science fiction author, Steven Spielberg immerses us in 2054 in a society where murder has been eradicated thanks to an ultra-sophisticated prevention / detection / repression system. Futuristic thriller whose aesthetic is inspired by the film noir, Minority Report mixes investigation, action and suspense, all with impressive visual mastery. The purpose of this dystopia on the security obsession more than ever resonates with the excesses of our society.

Cloverfield (2008)

Preceded by a buzz expertly maintained on the web thanks to a mysterious teaser, Cloverfield is a monster film filmed in subjective camera, so found footage, a process which accentuates the spectator’s immersion. According to a group of New York individuals whose evening was turned upside down by the attack of a giant monster on the city, the film is a great spectacle on a human scale. Matt Reeves reinvents the genres of disaster film and monster film for an impressive result.

Total Recall (1990)

Inspired by the news Souvenirs for sale by Philip K. Dick (and yes, him again), Total Recall takes place in 2048 and follows a man who flies to Mars in search of his enigmatic past. This is the second time that Paul Verhoeven has attacked science fiction, after Robocop. Iconic SF film from the 1990s, Total Recall is an intelligent and entertaining blockbuster with remarkable inventiveness, especially in its decor and creatures.

District 9 (2009)

Produced by Peter Jackson, District 9 is Neill Blomkamp’s first film. This feature is distinguished by its particular form, combining fiction and documentary and its purpose, which shows extraterrestrials treated by humans as refugees. A bias that makes District 9 an original SF film, clever and eminently political, which brilliantly revisits the codes of the genre. Blomkamp does not forget the big show, with a final half hour 100% action and stunning special effects.

Inception (2010)

Between two parts of The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan takes us into the world of dreams and the subconscious. Conceived as a labyrinth, Inception is, under the air of an action film, a metaphysical thriller and a heartbreaking love story. With its four-star cast, this brain blockbuster impresses with its mastery, intelligence and know-how.

The Faculty (1999)

After the vampires of a Night in Hell, Robert Rodriguez stages extraterrestrials in The Faculty. At the crossroads between the SF film and the teen movie (no wonder when we know that Kevin Williamson is the screenwriter), this film is a tribute, in the form of a pastiche, to The Invasion of the Profaners of Graves and The Thing. A B series that is worth much more than the “formatted for MTV” label that can be affixed to it.

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Through its playful approach to science fiction, a sort of cross between Un jour sans fin and a war film, Edge of Tomorrow is a real success in the genre. Tom Cruise, who has fun with his image of indestructible hero and shows an unprecedented self-mockery, plays a commander stuck in a time loop which must fight hordes of extraterrestrials in 2020. Rhythmic, funny and refreshing.

Dark City (1998)

Unjustly passed unnoticed when it left. Dark City by Alex Proyas (The Crow) is a work that deserves to be brought to light. Borrowing from both film noir and German expressionist cinema, this feature follows a man with amnesia in search of his identity, while strange individuals pursue him. Foreshadowing the Matrix by questioning the free will of humanity, this nugget with a superbly worked aesthetic is to be rediscovered.

Serenity: The Last Rebellion (2005)

After Buffy’s triumph against vampires and before participating in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Avengers, Joss Whedon signed with Serenity: the final rebellion his first feature film. The opportunity for the director to bring a conclusion to his Firefly series, canceled after fifteen episodes. Rest assured: no need to know the series to appreciate this fun unpretentious entertainment, served by the undeniable talent of Whedon to characterize his characters and make them engaging.

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