Amazon Prime: 5 horror series to discover to shiver during confinement – news TV series

Amazon Prime: 5 horror series to discover to shiver during confinement – news TV series

Confinement is also an opportunity to fill up on thrills. To do this, here is a selection of five horror series, from “The Exorcist” to “The Terror”, available on Amazon Prime Video.


The catalog of the platform may evolve, so some of the content offered in this article may no longer be available at the time of your reading. Thanks for your understanding.

The Exorcist (2016-2017)

Forty-three years after its release, the classic by William Friedkin, which has terrorized millions of spectators, is transposed to the small screen with this series created by Jeremy Slater. After the famous father Merrin, interpreted by the late Mav von Sydow, the story follows the misadventures of father Tomas Ortega and father Marcus Keane, two clergymen who will have to work in duet to save the Rance family. Let the purists of The Exorcist be reassured: the first season respects the spirit and history of the original film with, as a bonus, a very surprising turnaround that will delight fans of the genre. In the role of Angela Rance, the mother of the family, we find a most convincing Geena Davis. Anthological, the series continues with a second season carried by new characters and a new story which, even if it does not reach the level of the previous season, remains quite respectable.

Dead Set (2008)

It is no coincidence that Dead Set chooses to mix a subject of society with horror because behind this program, we find, among others, Charlie Brooker, the creator of the satirical series Black mirror. Composed of only five episodes, Dead set offers an original idea: in England, reality TV candidates witness, helplessly, an invasion of zombies. By pointing the finger at our desire for voyeurism and the workings of this type of show, Charlie Brooker delivers an effective series that mixes reality and fiction. In the casting, we find in particular Riz Ahmed, the star of The Night Of and Venom.

The Terror (2018-2019)

Produced by Ridley Scott and adapted from the novel by Dan Simmons, the first season of The Terror has the brilliant idea of ​​reinventing the Franklin Expedition, a journey led by John Franklin in 1845 with the aim of exploring the Arctic for the first times. The mission went wrong since the ships were trapped in the ice and one hundred and twenty-nine men died. From this tragedy, The Terror tells another. Very faithful in terms of details and historical information, the story becomes, however, totally imaginary for the rest of the plot. Here, the disappearance of the sailors is explained by the attack on a bloodthirsty and terrifying watch. Nervous, visually sublime and very well interpreted, the series is an excellent survival in Victorian times. The second season, entitled Infamy, is interested in bakemono, ghosts from Japanese folklore.

The Purge (2018-2019)

Released in 2013, American Nightmare, a Blumhouse production with Ethan Hawke, was just the start of a very lucrative horror franchise. The film has three sequels and this television series, created by James DeMonaco, the screenwriter and director of the first three opuses. In season 1, The Purge paints crossed portraits of three individuals who oppose everything and who will have to survive the annual purge – the principle of which is to authorize all possible and imaginable crimes for a period of twelve hours. The ten episodes of the season focus on this night of horror, bringing together all the ingredients that made the films successful. Notice to fans: it is possible to extend the experience with season 2. In the meantime, a new cinematic opus is already in preparation.

Dark / Web (2019)

Computer-savvy, a young woman sends mysterious emails to old friends before suddenly disappearing. Each of these messages contains a scary story that will plunge receivers into an online nightmare. This series focuses, as its name suggests, on the dark web, the hidden side of the Web, which hides an entire illegal network, ranging from different traffics and prohibited images. Dark / Web is an anthological program, which focuses on a different story with each episode.

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