Amazon Prime: 10 animated series for the whole family during confinement

Amazon Prime : 10 séries animées pour toute la famille pendant le confinement

Amazon Prime: 10 animated series for the whole family during confinement

In this period of confinement, AlloCiné offers 10 animated series for the whole family to see on Amazon Prime: “Kung Fu Panda”, “Les Pingouins de Madagascar”, “Garfield & Cie”, “Les Aventures de Tintin” …


From 6 years old

Cyber-policeman with many features (a sort of Robocop for children!), Inspector Gadget has another characteristic: he is as stupid as he is lucky! And luckily for him, his niece and his dog provide his back … A crazy police animated series, with fun investigations, which has a trio of irresistible characters. Created in 1983, it can immerse parents in their childhood and please their little ones.


From 6 years old

We no longer present this famous reporter character born from the pen of Hergé. This cartoon takes up most of the comic book stories, with a very high degree of fidelity (whether in terms of the drawings or the different stories). With its 39 episodes, The Adventures of Tintin offers a good dose of adventure to the four corners of the world! Ideal for a family viewing: adults will find their account, just like their children.


From 6 years old

An animated television series adapted from the world of the American comic strip, Garfield & Cie once again gives way to the “adventures” of the most lazy and greedy cat in the world. Comprising many short episodes, the program is a perfect continuation of comics and the many animated feature films that have emerged since Garfield by Peter Hewitt, released in 2004 (where the animator Cauet dubbed the orange animal! ).


From 6 years old

The continuation of the adventures of Boule and his dog Bill, a cocker spaniel gluttonous and particularly gaffer (and always in the company of Caroline, the turtle), could not do without a new adaptation in animated series! Born from Jean Roba’s pencil line, this new program benefits from modern animation, but retains the humor of comics. For the record, two other cartoons were produced in 1975 and 2005.


From 6 years old

First aired in the late 1990s on the cult show The Minikeums, The Pirate Family has a very attractive 2D animation in the old style. As its title suggests, we follow the adventures of a family of pirates made up of endearing losers … The father, for example, is a greedy man who never succeeds in bringing back loot to his own. And his boat is called … L’Os à Moelle! An ideal program to have fun with your children.


From 6 years old

Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny, comprising 26 episodes, focuses on the very endearing Po who, this time, must pass on his knowledge of martial arts to a group of turbulent young pandas! In line with the three feature films that hit the world box office, this program has quality animation, gags that are linked together with intelligence and fluid action scenes. And what a pleasure to find Po!


From 6 years old

Before having their own film, these four spies were already working in a television series of the same name first broadcast in 2008. Commander, Rico, Kowalski and Soldat are the stars of the New York zoo there until the day when Julian, the endless lemur who threatens the tranquility of other animals, arrives… A drawing animated funny and technically very well done, in the same spirit as the animated films of the franchise.


From the age of 8

Animation series inspired by the famous Lego Ninjago toys and broadcast for the first time in 2011, the program follows the epic adventures of the Ninjago, who have a lot to do! They must indeed travel through many unexplored lands, obtain powerful weapons and reveal unknown powers … Without losing sight of their fight against the cursed Spirits and in particular Moro. A program with pretty colorful drawings and effective action scenes.


From 6 years old

Designed by animator and ex-biologist Stephen Hillenburg, SpongeBob was born in 1999, in a series of cartoons featuring Bob, a yellow sponge that lives on the bottom of the ocean … More precisely in the underwater city of Bikini Bottom. With his friend Patrick, the pink starfish, he lives the wildest adventures … With a sense of humor and his characters as dynamic as adorable, the series has established itself as a classic of animation.
From 6 years oldThis very recent cartoon takes place in a secret valley at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. A territory where animals are magically born with the skin of other animals. Zoomba, a baby zebra elephant and Quincy, his boyfriend, laugh and learn a lot … For the anecdote, the creator of Zafari, David Dozoretz, made his debut in the famous company of George Lucas Industrial Light & Magic, where he worked on the special effects of classics like Jurassic Park.

All the series to see in April on Amazon Prime

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