Amazon Prime: 10 action movies to let off steam during confinement

Amazon Prime: 10 action movies to let off steam during confinement

From “Kill Bill” to “Mission: Impossible III”, through “John Rambo”, “Mr & Mrs Smith” or “Memory in the Skin”, discover our selection of ten films capable of making your confinement more animated on Amazon Prime Video.

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The Bride was in … blood. And his enemies to pieces. In front of the camera of Quentin Tarantino, its director of Pulp Fiction, Uma Thurman cuts in the sharp and tracks his former colleagues who ruined his nuptials and destroyed his life. A vengeful fury that allows the director to switch from one style to another and prove his love of genre cinema as much as his virtuosity. Volume 1 of Kill Bill is an exercise in brilliant style of formidable efficiency that the second part, more human, deepens to conclude one of the heights of QT’s career, started in fury and concluded in emotion.

ONG-BAK (2004)

A real punch film. If the trend had been to cables and twirling fights since the success of the Matrix, Ong-Bak was one of those who set foot in action on earth. With great reinforcements of broken bones and blows that really hurt, that the actors have also really cashed on the set, just to push the cursor of realism as far as possible. The general public thus discovered the twirling Tony Jaa, who almost died drowned following a waterfall, and muay thai, a martial art derived from Thai boxing. The actor will once again admire his technique in slightly less convincing sequels, as well as The Honor of the Dragon and his insane sequence sequence, or even Fast & Furious 7.


It only took him a few scenes to nip James Bond (even if the latter was going to stumble on his own, a few months later, pouring into SF with Die another day): under the leadership of Doug Liman, espionage between in the 21st century with a crash thanks to this adaptation of the novels of Robert Ludlum where a man with amnesia discovers unusual skills and a troubled past of secret agent. In addition to its brutal fights, The Memory in the Skin has a sacred asset in the person of Matt Damon, which allows the film to play on the gap between his head of the class and a physical performance which made date to the point of redefine the codes of action cinema… and the 007 saga, whose reboot worn by Daniel Craig in 2006 owes a lot to Jason Bourne.


It is especially from episode 2 that the Rambo saga falls into the category “Action”, since the first opus is and remains above all a drama on a veteran of the American army traumatized by his experience in Vietnam. And it is with the fourth installment, directed by Sylvester Stallone himself and soberly titled John Rambo, that the franchise reaches its climax with a hallucinating final of violence during which the character tears out a throat with bare hands and gives stabbing deadly before taking a heavy weapon to decimate all the members of the Thai militia who kidnapped the humanitarian volunteers with whom he had sympathized. On arrival, a veritable butchery that the climax of the following film, although very bloody, will not be able to match. It may not be his war, no one can deny that he does not pretend when it comes to jumping into battle.

MR & MRS SMITH (2005)

Doug Liman and espionage: episode 2! After the brutal thriller (The Memory in the Skin) and while waiting for the drama drawn from a true story (Fair Game in 2010), the director tackles the genre again by mixing it with romantic (or conjugal) comedy, the time of a story where the two members of a couple discover that the other leads a double life as a killer for a competing organization. And inevitably happens what had to happen, namely that the spouses find themselves opposed on the same contract, forced to settle their disputes with firearms. If he made a lot of talk on the people level by marking the beginning of the relationship between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the film draws its strength from the comic shift that it infuses in its action scenes and gives it the appearance of War much more muscular Rose. A formula that has actually paid off, with nearly $ 500 million in revenue worldwide in 2005.

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After Brian Par Palma’s paranoid thriller and John Woo’s virtuoso action, Tom Cruise entrusts the keys to his saga to J.J. Abrams. Little television prodigy, Lost’s dad applies the same formula as in Alias, focusing on the human behind the super spy. More faithful to the series which serves as its model, Mission: Impossible III confronts Ethan Hunt with a particularly formidable villain played by the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, as well as with his impossibility of living a normal life. The hero thus becomes this tragic figure that the following opus will dig a little more, forced to always do more for lack of being able to ask, like his star who begins to multiply the stunts. Rich in action, this opus sees him in particular being blown away by an explosion on the car next to him, and poking a sprint in a long shot during which he managed to crash the computer programmed camera to follow him, to to have run too fast. Tom Cruise: 1 – Machine: 0

300 (2007)

The Army of the Dead did not really let it show through, but Zack Snyder is an esthete, capable of composing plans like others of paintings, which he proves with 300, adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley , which revisited the Battle of Thermopylae during which a group of Spartans led by King Leonidas tried to stand up to the Persians. More than the very simple story, which evokes the progression of a video game, it is the staging that marked the spirits, with its long shots alternating slow and zoom in the image, and its photo amplified by the tools digital. Driven by the charisma of Gerard Butler, this worldwide success ($ 456.1 million in revenue) gave birth to a less convincing sequel a few years later, and influenced a good number of films in their approach to action.


Re-staged by the success of RockNRolla, Guy Ritchie leaves the thugs aside to revisit Sherlock Holmes. Dust even, because the director offers a second youth to the famous detective consultant, well helped by the performance of a Robert Downey Jr. who is not yet the superstar of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man having only been released a few months early. As he will do a few years later with King Arthur, the filmmaker takes the side of a modern approach and his way of filming the action scenes well reflects the influence of 300 on blockbusters, since we find there this alternation of zoom / dezoom in the image, with a scrolling speed which varies. Released in 2012, the sequel drives the point, but the first album already works very well, with a perfect Jude Law in Watson, and Mark Strong in the shoes of the bad guy.

WANTED (2008)

Quite honestly, the first images weren’t very reassuring. No doubt because the trailers, however effective they were, could not completely transcribe the universe of the film directed by the Russian Timur Bekmambetov according to the comic books of Mark Millar and J.G. Jones. Alongside the hero embodied by James McAvoy, we discover a group of killers in the pay of a sect, the Brotherhood, whose members see themselves as the armed arms of fate. An ounce of philosophy in an electric thriller where the action scenes defy the laws of gravity without giving the feeling of being a rehash of Matrix, one of its obvious models. Also worn by Angelina Jolie, Wanted has been the subject of a sequel for more than a decade, but things do not seem to move.

MAN ON FIRE (2004)

Since his death in 2012, his work has been greatly reassessed in the eyes of all those who have tried to follow in his footsteps. In the heart of the 2000s, Tony Scott was however strongly criticized and criticized for his abuse of filters and his over-contaminated editing. The filmmaker is certainly not free from reproaches, but it would be simplistic to describe his cinema only through this bias, because this would forget the quality of his staging, efficient, brutal and thanks to which he constantly sought to innovate. Man on Fire, the second of his five collaborations with Denzel Washington (who releases this role of angel of death which he will regularly resume thereafter), is the perfect illustration, with this story of bodyguard which does no neighborhood to find the girl kidnapped in Mexico that he had to protect. A very violent and frighteningly well made film which does not forget to create a complex and interesting character, which is not so common in action.

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