Amazon Glow Keeps Kids Connected When Family is Away

Amazon held its annual fall hardware event today, announcing more than a handful of new devices and services. The retail giant took to the stage to announce its new Amazon Echo Glow for kids. The Echo Glow allows kids to connect with family members and trusted friends in a way that goes way beyond a video call.

The immersive communications device merges the physical with the virtual, enabling kids to interact with physical objects while the remote viewers can respond virtually. A drawing can become a puzzle that the child and the remote relative can work on together. Remote callers don’t even need an Echo Glow. They can interact using a tablet and the Glow app.

Amazon echo glow projection on table.

The Glow will be available soon with a retail price of $249. The device will be launching with support from power players like Disney, Mattel, Nickelodeon, and Sesame Workshop.

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