Always there for you on Netflix: what is this series with Katherine Heigl worth?

Netflix puts online today Always there for you, a drama carried by Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke (Scrubs). What is it worth?

Always there for you on Netflix what is this series

What is it about ?

Over thirty years, the ups and downs of Kate and Tully who, since adolescence, have been best friends and support each other in good times and bad. One day, an unthinkable betrayal is committed, their beautiful friendship shatters. Will they be able to reconcile?

Always There For You by Maggie Friedman, with Katherine Heigl, Sarah Chalke, Ben Lawson. The series is available on Netflix. Episodes seen: 10/10.

What does it look like ?

Well worth a look ?

In the category of adapted series of books, we ask for Firefly Lane (Always there for you), the latest production from Netflix. The story of a friendship, through the ages, between two women who are opposed to everything. A universal theme and already seen that this adaptation of Kristin Hannah’s novel tackles by juggling between three temporalities: the 70s, 80s and 2000s. If some series like This Is Us succeed in the exercise brilliantly, Always there for you misses the mark . Each episode juggles with difficulty between the past and the present, probably the fault of an uneven scenario.

The series hits the mark when it comes to telling the budding friendship between the two young heroines. Their performers, Ali Skovbye and Roan Curtis, are real revelations. Their alchemy allows them to shine on the screen: they are touching, funny, beautiful.

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An alchemy that is unfortunately difficult to find in Katherine Heigl (Grey’s Anatomy) and Sarah Chalke (Scrubs), their “adult” version. The series hits too often when it comes to exploring their relationship. It must also be said that each of our two heroines has its own story: one is a television star who has never had stability in love while the other is locked in a family life where she is is forgotten. Always there for you is a portrait of women, before being a story about friendship. And the series is lost by never finding the happy medium. She tackles important subjects too quickly to be able to move the viewer (rape, miscarriage, homosexuality …) and goes around in circles. Therefore, it is never surprising.

Always there for you is a series from another era: it is neither modern in writing nor in history. Don’t expect any revelations, twists or turns. She’s good enough – thanks to a convincing cast – to go all the way through all 10 episodes, but she doesn’t revolutionize anything (where Dead To Me had a more original approach to friendship between women). Difficult then to have a crush …

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As for the famous betrayal which is mentioned in the synopsis, it will be necessary to wait for a possible season 2 to find out what it is, because the subject is only discussed in the last seconds …