Always there for you on Netflix: is a season 2 possible?

Always there for you on netflix: is a season 2 possible?

Always there for you received an enthusiastic reception from the fans. Enough for Netflix to offer him a season 2?

Despite a mixed reception from critics, spectators seem to have fallen for the story of friendship through the ages of Kate and Tully, two forties who are opposed. Since its arrival on the platform at the beginning of February, Always there for you has climbed higher in the ranking of the most viewed films and series on Netflix, and has now reached number 1. A great success that would allow it to be renewed for a season 2. If the US platform has still not given the green light, showrunner Maggie Friedman already has some ideas for the future: “I still have so much to say, so many answers to the questions raised by the end of the season. I hope I have the chance to do more, we had so much fun!“, she explains to The Observer.

It must be said that Always there for you is adapted from the river novel “Firefly Lane” by Kristin Hannah (500 pages in total) and that the first season only covers the first half. The viewer still does not know why our two heroines are cold in 2005. Even if the book provides some answers, we will have to wait for the probable season 2 to know the real reason. These new episodes, which should once again navigate between several temporalities, risk taking a more dramatic turn. Katherine Heigl, Sarah Chalke or Ben Lawson (Johnny) are more than starters to find their characters.

Always there for you could even have more than two seasons since Kristin Hannah subsequently published a second novel, entitled “Fly Away”, which takes place a few years after a tragic event affecting our two heroines …

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