Altice / SFR, YouTube, Apple TV: The Richard Jewell Case, American Beauty

Altice / SFR, YouTube, Apple TV: The Richard Jewell Case, American Beauty

Altice / SFR, YouTube, Apple TV: The Richard Jewell Case, American Beauty

Helpsters is a series inspired by the puppets of Sesame street ; it teaches children to get out of all situations. Whether it’s planning a party, climbing a mountain, or mastering a magic trick, nothing stands up to these friendly monsters. And it all starts with a plan!


When a ghost haunts a nearby bookstore and begins to bring the characters in the novels to life, a group of four children team up to solve the exciting mysteries surrounding the unfinished business of these creatures. With the help of secret messages hidden here and there, young adventurers set out to find the truth.

Claire Folger


Two African-American entrepreneurs, Bernard Garrett and Joe Morris, defy racial laws, in force in the 1950s in the United States, by recruiting a white worker, Matt Steiner. They decide to install it at the head of their company in order to develop their business.



On the border between Texas and Mexico, drug traffickers have long replaced cattle thieves. When Llewelyn Moss comes across an abandoned van, surrounded by bloody corpses, he knows nothing of what led to this drama. And when he takes the two million dollars he discovers inside the vehicle, he has no idea what this is going to cause …
Moss has unleashed a chain reaction of incredible violence that Sheriff Bell, an aging man with no illusions, will be unable to contain …


A dream house, a discreetly opulent bourgeois pavilion concealed in a residential suburb, this is where Lester Burnhamm, his wife Carolyn and their daughter Jane reside. The world’s unrest and its violence seem far away here. But behind this respectable facade is woven a strange and creaking family tragicomedy or unacknowledged desires, frustrations and repressed violence will inexorably lead a man to death.


Lily and Amanda, childhood friends, find themselves in the Connecticut suburbs years after they’ve lost touch. Lily became a polite high society teenager. She is a student in a chic boarding school and has even added a coveted internship to her CV. Amanda, for her part, has developed a sharp mind and a pronounced personality, but all this with the aim of becoming an outcast. Even if everything seems to separate them, the two friends will create a strong bond thanks in particular to Lily’s contempt for her stepfather, Mark. As their friendship grows, their faults will gradually be exacerbated. Their plan will lead them to hire a local scammer, Tim, and take matters into their own hands to resume the normal course of their lives.


Florence, 1429. Son of a shepherd, Giovanni de Medici transformed the family bank into an unprecedented economic and political power. But the power is envious. When he is murdered, his sons Cosimo and Lorenzo have no shortage of suspects or enemies. Even within the Medici clan, the agreement is fragile. But the enemy is also inside … If he knows that sometimes it is necessary to do evil for a good, how far will Cosimo be ready to go to defend the Medici, Florence – and a revolution that is called today Renaissance?



In 1996 Richard Jewell was part of the Atlanta Games security team. He is one of the first to warn of the presence of a bomb and to save lives. But he soon finds himself suspected of … terrorism, going from hero status to that of the most hated man in the United States. He was cleared three months later by the FBI, but his reputation was never fully restored, his health damaged by the experience.


Forced to flee his native Bangladesh, the young Fahim and his father left the rest of the family for Paris. As soon as they arrived, they began a real obstacle course to obtain political asylum, with the threat of being deported at any time. Thanks to his gift for chess, Fahim meets Sylvain, one of the best chess coaches in France. Between distrust and attraction, they will get to know each other and befriend each other. As the French Championship begins, the threat of expulsion becomes urgent and Fahim has only one chance to get out: to be Champion of France.


In a region that was the flagship of the mining industry, two long-term unemployed people have the idea of ​​building an “artisanal” amusement park on an old disused coal mine. By saving mine and its memory, they will regain strength and dignity.

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