Alpin Armchair is Glammed with Pretty Stuffed Animals

Now that we are done celebrating Halloween, it’s time to focus on Christmas. While the former is about raucous celebration, the latter is softer, quieter, and merrier. If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones, I have found the one, and there is nothing better than gifting this soft and cute-looking cozy chair this festive season.

The chair I am talking about comes from the Belgian brand AP collection. Dubbed Alpin, the upholstered polyester armchair gets its name from the Alps, the highest and most extensive mountain range located in Europe. Whether you want to gift the chair to your friends or family members or decorate your home with gorgeous furniture, the Alpin chair is an ideal choice. The simple reason is that it’s cute and comfortable.

Featuring pretty stuffed animals (found in the mountainous regions of Europe) sitting on a faux white fur base is the biggest highlight of the chair. These polyester plushes are soft animal and bird toys modeled after creatures that are generally found in high altitudes, with the likes of deer, dogs, owls, and so on. Other than the polyester plushes, the armchair features a metal base.‎

With families getting together and celebrating the event at home, it is important to deck up your space with furniture that is aesthetically pleasing and Alpin exactly caters to that. Moreover, it is cozy, cushy, and comfortable.

The Belgian brand is renowned for creating unique furniture that pays tribute to vintage and innovative design. For years, they have been designing and manufacturing their top-of-the-range seats, on which endearing stuffed animals with truer-than-life expressions are assembled one by one. All this stuff is handmade and offers the utmost comfort to the user.

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Alpin is a limited edition with 50 available pieces. While we are not familiar with the price of the chair, you can get in touch with AP Collection to place your order or garner more information about the chair.

Alpin chair by AP Collection
Image: AP Collection
Alpin chair by AP Collection
Image: AP Collection

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