Alone on Mars: what they have in common with The Lord of the Rings

Broadcast tonight on TF1, “Alone on Mars”, Ridley Scott’s feature film worn by Matt Damon, includes a little nod to the first opus of “Lord of the Rings”. Have you noticed?

“Why Elrond?”

In the middle of Seul sur Mars (broadcast tonight on TF1), while the greatest experts of the NASA meet discreetly to discuss the rescue of Mark Watney (Matt Damon) trapped on the red planet, the director of public relations Annie Montrose (played by Kristen Wiig) wonders why their reunion was called the “Elrond Project”.

“Because it’s a secret meeting”Sean Bean then replies, referring to the famous Council of Elrond in The Fellowship of the Ring, secretly held in Rivendell to organize the destruction of the One Ring. If the actor seems so well informed about this famous Council, it is because he was there. Indeed, long before playing flight director Mitch Henderson in Alone
on Mars, Sean Bean had lent his features to the warrior Boromir in the Peter Jackson saga.

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However, if some might have thought that his presence in both scenes had been planned to further reinforce the Lord of the Rings reference in Alone on Mars, know that it is not. Indeed, as the screenwriter of the film Drew Goddard subsequently claimed to the site Empire, this little wink was already in the script before the actor joined the project. So this is just a funny little coincidence.

(Re) discover the scene of the “Elrond Project” …

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