Alone on Mars: the incredible coincidence with the release of the film – teller report

While the Ridley Scott feature film worn by Matt Damon was broadcast last night on TF1, did you know that NASA had announced that it had discovered water on Mars… just days before the film’s release?

It’s September 28, 2015. James L. Green, NASA Chief Physicist, takes the floor to announce an astonishing discovery: “Mars is not the dry, arid planet we imagined in the past. Today we will announce that under certain conditions liquid water has been discovered on Mars.”

The declaration is most spectacular, especially since it comes just days before another event linked to the Red Planet, more expected by moviegoers than by scientists. Indeed, Alone on Mars, the new film by Ridley Scott worn by Matt Damon, in which NASA plays a major role and which tells the misadventure of an astronaut trapped on Mars, must land in American theaters on October 2, 2015, barely 4 days after the announcement of James Green.

A totally crazy coincidence, to the point that some have been tempted to attribute it to NASA. Knowing that the famous agency is at the center of the feature film and that James Green himself served as a consultant to Ridley Scott’s team, would the schedule have been changed slightly to strengthen the announcement effect and / or boost the career of Seul sur Mars (which was initially due for release on November 25)?

The day after the announcement, the Ridley Scott also told the site to be in the secret of the gods for a long time: “I knew there was water on Mars for months. When I first spoke with NASA, we got to ask them loads of questions. So I told them about these huge glaciers. on Mars. And one of them said to me, “Yes, there’s this massive thing on the surface of the planet, covered in dust, and we think it’s ice.”

In any case, whether it is an incredible coincidence or a skilful coordination, the week of September 28 to October 2, 2015 will undoubtedly remain in the annals of the conquest of space.

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