Alone on Mars: The film's script is REALLY in space!  - Cinema News

Alone on Mars: The film’s script is REALLY in space! – Cinema News

Unusual: a page of the screenplay for “Alone on Mars”, the feature film by Ridley Scott broadcast this Monday evening on TMC, has been sent … into space!

A few days ago, we learned that the film Kaamelott might be sent to the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, a big fan of the adventures of Arthur, Perceval, Karadoc and the others. The opportunity to recall that another cinematographic work has recently taken a little tour in the stars!

This is a page from the screenplay for Alone on Mars, Ridley Scott’s SF epic broadcast this Monday night on TMC, which, during the filming of the film, was sent into space. A sympathetic and oh so symbolic idea which the team of the NASA which collaborated on the film is at the origin.

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This is precisely the first page of Drew Goddard’s script that was embarked in Orion, a NASA unmanned spacecraft (the first crewed flight is scheduled for 2022-2023). A page accompanied by the drawing by Ridley Scott (visible below) which illustrates the full screenplay of the feature film directed by Matt Damon.

Ridley scott

It should be noted that the “packed package” sent into space was not only made up of a piece of scenario from Seul sur Mars. Objects from the Star Trek (logical) and Sesame Street (more surprising!) Series have also been deposited in the Orion spacecraft.

Have you noticed the little hidden details of “Alone on Mars”?

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