Alone in the world + I’m a legend + Chappie + Turner and Hooch = Finch on Apple TV +!

Available on Apple TV +, the sci-fi drama Finch starring Tom Hanks looks like an assemblage of several films. Let’s decipher which ones.

Warning, the following is SPOILER if you haven’t seen “Finch”

What is it about ?

A man, a robot and a dog form an unlikely family at the center of a powerful and touching adventure. Finch, a robotics engineer, wants to make sure that someone will look after his faithful companion after his death. A rare survivor of a cataclysmic solar phenomenon that turned the world into a desert, Finch has lived in an underground bunker for years, where he has built his own world, which he shares with his dog Goodyear. He creates a robot to watch over Goodyear when he is no longer able. As the trio embark on a perilous journey through a desert American West, Finch strives to show his creation, who calls himself Jeff, the joy and wonder that life brings. Their adventure is made up of both obstacles and humor, because while it is difficult for Finch to get Jeff and Goodyear to get along well, he must also face the dangers of the new world.

Finch, a movie written by Ivor Powell and Craig Luck, directed by Miguel Sapochnik starring Tom Hanks and Caleb Landry Jones. On Apple TV +

Finch’s Right Formula

A true science fiction film, Finch is a film that resembles Russian dolls. In other words, it’s a movie that seems to hide several with its themes that sound like something familiar. Winks, tributes, inspirations… let’s take a closer look at Finch’s formula!

Alone in the world

Alone in the world + i'm a legend + chappie + turner and hooch = finch on apple tv +!
United International Pictures (UIP) / Apple TV +

It’s the same starting pitch, Finch is (almost) alone in the world. He is one of the last survivors after Earth became unlivable due to severe climate change. Exposure to the sun is fatal for all living things. Here, Finch doesn’t live alone on a desert island, but in a bunker he has built for himself. Unlike Chuck Noland, who Tom Hanks already played in Alone in the World, Finch doesn’t seek to have interactions with other people. He even flees them, for fear of being killed for his food or other goods.

I’m a legend

Alone in the world + i'm a legend + chappie + turner and hooch = finch on apple tv +!
Warner Bros. France / Apple TV +

In I am a legend, Robert Neville played by Will Smith is also (almost) alone in the world…! He haunts the streets of New York with his dog – hey, another resemblance to Finch. We are therefore entitled to impressive scenes where large cities are deserted and abandoned. But it is not this (double) resemblance that interests us. Robert Neville is a high level scholar. This is also the case with Finch. He is a robotics engineer. So good at building Dewey, a little robot that’s like an improved shopping cart, but mostly Jeff.


Alone in the world + i'm a legend + chappie + turner and hooch = finch on apple tv +!
2015 Sony Pictures Releasing GmbH / Apple TV +

Since we’re talking about Jeff, he obviously reminds us of Chappie, the robot from Neill Blomkamp’s film. While Chappie is first in the police force and then reprogrammed to be a robot capable of thinking and feeling on his own, he shares this essential commonality with Jeff. Because Finch conceives Jeff above all to take care of his dog Goodyear and ensure his well-being after Finch’s death. As soon as he took office, Jeff showed humor but also curiosity about learning for life. He is also really keen (as a processor) to be accepted by Goodyear who, first of all, takes a dim view of him.

Turner & Hooch

Alone in the world + i'm a legend + chappie + turner and hooch = finch on apple tv +!
Touchstone Pictures / Apple TV +

Another film with Tom Hanks! Turner & Hooch stages this improbable duo between the police officer Scott Turner and the dog Hooch, a dogue de Bordeaux with an impressive build but also terribly endearing despite all his nonsense. In Finch, Tom Hanks also develops a very touching relationship with Goodyear who is his only living companion. Goodyear has a less impressive build than Hooch’s – he seems to be of the Irish Terrier breed – but has a really cute face. And he also knows how to be a very good actor!

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