Almost 30 years before 2, discover Elodie Fontan at 9 years old against the Muscles in the Foll’amour cruise – Actus Ciné


Years before the films of the Fifi gang, Elodie Fontan began under the auspices of the AB Prod nursery, by embodying a character in “La Croisière Foll’Amour”, led by the Muscles. Memory sequence…

Born in Bondy in Seine-Saint-Denis, Elodie Fontan is what we can call a pure child of TV. Debuting at a very young age in French advertisements for Nissan, Quick, Euro Disney and especially for the brand of cakes Alsa, she took her first steps as an actress under the auspices of a house well known to those nostalgic for Club Dorothée: AB Prod.

In 1996, at the age of 9, she appeared in La Croisière Foll’Amour, in which the Muscles starred. For 25 episodes, she played the role of Strellina, the daughter of the extraterrestrial Hilguegue (Babsie Steger). Elodie Fontan in fact replaced the actress Isabelle Bouysse, who had left the series in 1996 to devote herself exclusively to the filming of Holidays of love. Anyway, we stayed as a family in the AB Prod team.

What did it look like? To that ! Memory sequence…

A memory that amused the actress, as she told Télé Star in February 2019: “At the time I was 9 years old, it was a magical experience. I had just shot The best job in the world with Depardieu, and I didn’t realize the huge actor I was playing opposite. On the other hand, when I met the Muscles, I was petrified because I was watching them on TV and I was a total fan.”

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