Unlimited Travel Within Norway For 2 WEEKS? Yes Please! See What You Need To Do!

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How do you explore a large country like Norway that spans nine different climate zones? simple, with All You Can Fly Pass in Norway,

Widerøe, a regional airline Operating in 40 destinations in the Nordic country, the midstream is offering a special ‘Explore Norway’ pass 1 July and 31 August So that you can travel as much as possible in the country for two good weeks.

With the Arctic Circle in the north and beaches in the south, Norway is a giant playground of nature. It may be a bit difficult to cover all the bustling landscapes and experience their vibrant culture in one go.

Right here’y’all can fly‘Pass comes in handy.

Learn all about the fly passes you can take in Norway

To make Norway tourism possible for you, the airline has divided the country into three regions. You can choose to travel between one zone, two zones or all of Norway.

While international flights to and from Norway are included in the package, the pass lets you book flights to your selected sector even two hours before take-off, thus, keeping your itinerary flexible.

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There are three zones here:

Zone Southern Norway It covers the southern areas of Trondheim, including itself. If you want to hit Oslo, the beaches of Kristiansand and the fjords of Sogndal, you should choose this area.

Jon Nordland This includes all destinations between Trondheim and Tromsø. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the Lofoten archipelago which contains some of the most beautiful islands on Earth. Also put fishing and tasting the local cuisine on your list.

zone finmark Covers the entire Finnmark region from Tromsø up. Play with huskies, explore the vibrant Sami culture, and chase the midnight sun on the Finnmark Plateau.

terms and conditions

  • You can’t fly between the same city pair more than four times, for example. Oslo-Sogndal.
  • Ticket is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Children aged 2-11 years will receive a 25% discount when flying with a guardian.

There’s no better way to visit Norway. Hurry up before the pass runs out!

If Norway has been on your list, this is a golden opportunity to explore the Nordic region. Organize the rest of the itinerary with these attractive Norway tour packages, while the All You Can Fly Pass in Norway takes care of the flying business.



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