All on stage on Prime Video: the 7 most memorable songs – Actus Ciné

All on stage on prime video: the 7 most memorable songs - actus ciné

The brilliant musical Tous en scène is available on Prime Video! With 65 songs, the animated film is a true ode to memorable hits. Discover our top 7 of the most striking covers, guaranteed to be flawless!

7. Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

Elephant gnawed by shyness, Meena does wonders behind a microphone. She proves it with Hallelujah, the poignant piece of the late Leonard Cohen. Although many artists have lent themselves to the exercise, the angelic voice of Tori Kelly pays perfect homage to this classic.

The scene plays a pivotal role in the film: on the verge of abandoning her dream, Meena and her golden voice will rekindle the flame of Mr. Moon, and relaunch his project.

6. Call Me Maybe, by Carly Rae Jepsen, by Matthew McConaughey / Patrick Bruel

The director of the theater, Buster Moon, does not offer stage performance. His ambition, his showmanship, and the need to save his establishment push this koala to create an innovative musical, composed of talented animals of all kinds.

Invested in his project, he seeks to convince Ash to conform to popular music. So he does it through the 2012 tube signed Carly Rae JepsenCall Me Maybe, piece sung by Matthew McConaughey in the VO. But just for the pleasure of hearing our Patrick Bruel national sing this cult tune in the VF, this sequence lands directly in our top!

5. My Way, by Frank Sinatra, by Seth MacFarlane

The clothes don’t make the monk: Mike the mouse may be charming, even a bit arrogant, his Lilliputian physique does not prevent him from being a real crooner, capable of descending into the lowest and most suave octaves.

Behind this ball of fur hides Seth MacFarlane : animator, designer, director (Ted), creator of series (The Griffins and AmericanDad!) and… jazzman, with a few albums to his credit. With My Way, emblematic title of the discography of Frank Sinatrait delivers a stunning vocal performance.

4. Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing, by Stevie Wonder, by Tori Kelly

Meena is undoubtedly one of the most touching characters in the feature film. The aptly named Don’t you worry ’bout a thing Stevie Wonder (translation: “Don’t worry about anything”) allows him to overcome his fear and shyness, and show the world the extent of his talent for the grand finale of the show.

Tori Kelly, R&B, gospel and pop singer, lends her voice to Meena for a very first foray into the world of dubbing and cinema. And we want more!

3. Set It All Free, by Scarlett Johansson

It’s not really a cover, but it would have been a shame to miss the sweet voice of Scarlett Johansson in this ranking… If the public knows the actress for her roles in Lost in Translation, Lucy or even that of Black Widow in the Marvel universe, she is also a distinguished singer, with two albums to her credit, released in 2008 and 2009!

By playing Ash, a rocker porcupine in search of independence, she unites her two passions, comedy and music. With the title Set It All Free, one of the few original songs by All on Stageshe shines in a grungy rock register that suits her like a glove.

2. I’m still standing by Elton John, by Taron Egerton

Johnny, a young gorilla whose father is a gang leader, would like to follow his passion for singing rather than the path of crime. With his cover of the tubeElton JohnI’m Still Standing, he reveals in a poignant scene his true nature to his father who does not miss a crumb of the show from his cell…

A scene that undoubtedly marked a turning point in the life of Taron Egertonsince 3 years after having given voice through the character of the primate, the actor is propelled to the front of the stage by becoming Elton John in the biopic Rocketman… A sacred wink of fate!

1. Shake It Off, by Taylor Swift, by Reese Witherspoon

In the category of songs that give the energy, it is difficult to do better than the single Shake It Off by Taylor Swift ! Worldwide success when it was released in 2014, the title of the pop star holds a central place 3 years later in Tous en Scène, with the number of Rosita, alias Reese Witherspoon (and doubled by Jennifer in the dialogues of the VF.)

In duet with the extravagant Gunther (Nick Kroll), this sow mother of a (very) large family turns out to be an outstanding singer. The two pigs with diametrically opposed characters see themselves collaborating in Buster Moon’s show, on one of the most catchy pop tunes of the last 10 years! “Players gonna play, play, play, play, play…”

Bonus: Audition Medley

A little bonus for the road? With a small medley, bringing together – among other things – a beaver singing Dolly Partonspiders on a hit from the summer of 2002, or a giraffe that is picking up michael jackson : the audition scene is a delight for the eyes and the ears, but especially for the zygomatics!

Watch All On Stage, now on Prime Video.

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