All Inclusive: Franck Dubosc regrets having made the film

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The comedian, actor and director Franck Dubosc returned to the experience of the film “All Inclusive”, declaring that he regretted not having worked enough on the script.

All Inclusive, the last seaside comedy of the duo Fabien Onteniente-Franck Dubosc (Camping, Disco), is not to the taste of its creators. Indeed, in TV-Stars, Franck Dubosc has let it be known that he regrets having released this film.

The comedian known for his role as Patrick Chirac in the Camping saga said:

Regarding All Inclusive, we did not work enough, we made an average copy. Fabien Onteniente agrees with me. This experience vaccinated us and will prevent us from doing anything again. Camping 4 is therefore not in the pipeline for the time being.

The three previous opus of Camping, which Dubosc shot with Onteniente, totaled 12.67 million admissions, where All Inclusive gathered “only” 818,585 spectators. This is one of the rare comedies worn by the comedian not to have reached one million admissions with Le Marquis, Les Têtes deemploi or Boule & Bill 2.

Fabien Onteniente on our microphone about All Inclusive

Despite the disappointment All Inclusive, Dubosc remains a sure bet at the French box office, most often gathering more than a million spectators for the feature films of which he is the headliner.


François-Xavier Demaison and Franck Dubosc facing Pascal Boulere in “All Inclusive”

The arrival of a Camping 4 is a priori only a question of time since, as the actor specified in this same interview: “Now it’s a series of films that has entered the minds and hearts of audiences so much that it’s hard to shut the door completely …”

It remains to be seen when. Obviously, Fabien Onteniente and Franck Dubosc will wait until they have a more polished scenario than that ofAll Inclusive.

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