All American Homecoming: which All American characters do we find in the spin-off?…

After “All American”, of which it is currently offering season 4, the Salto platform has just released a spin-off entitled “All American: Homecoming”. Besides Simone (Geffri Maya), who are the characters in this college spin-off series?

Accustomed to franchises, as it has already proven with the Arrowverse series or with Vampire Diaries and its versions The Originals and Legacies, the American channel The CW has decided to extend the universe of All American, whose season 4 is currently broadcast across the Atlantic and in France on Salto, launching a spin-off titled All American: Homecoming.

It is the actress Geffri Maya, alias Simone Hicks in All American, who carries this derivative series which has just landed with us on Salto. And before discovering the first episode, already available on the platform, we tell you all about the plot and the known faces that you can find in the spin-off if you are a fan of the parent series.

Simone leaves to pursue her dream at university

After American football through the course of Spencer James (Daniel Ezra), place tennis in All American: Homecoming with Simone. Present in seasons 2 and 3 of All American, the young woman, who is none other than the girlfriend of Jordan (Michael Evans Behling), therefore inherits her own series and leaves to study in Atlanta, at the University of Bringston , which has the distinction of being a “historically black” higher education institution (HBCU in English, for “Historically black colleges and universities”).

If this new arena means something to you, it’s normal since this derivative series was introduced last July in the 17th episode of season 3 of All American, which thus took the form of a backdoor pilot.

Fans of the series carried by Daniel Ezra will find those they have already met in this introductory episode, namely Amara (Kelly Jenrette), Simone’s aunt who teaches journalism at Bringston, Damon (Peyton Alex Smith), a young baseball hopeful who will also find himself at the center of the plot, Thea (Camille Hyde), a rival tennis player of Simone, or Keisha (Netta Walker), a student who had immediately sympathized with the heroine during of his site visit last summer.

All american homecoming: which all american characters do we find in the spin-off?...
Bill Inoshita/The CW

Another character from All American is making a comeback

Hardly accessible to those who have never watched the parent series, as the first episode refers to Jordan and Simone, or to the baby that the latter had adopted in All American, All American: Homecoming is in any case announced as a a slightly more adult version, which diversifies the sports it approaches and will mix love stories and scandals against the backdrop of university life.

And while Simone’s journey to becoming a tennis champion, or Damon’s past, which serves as a mysterious cliffhanger in the series’ first chapter, should be enough to sway fans, it’s also worth noting that the heroine portrayed by Geffri Maya isn’t the only recurring All American character to become a regular in the spinoff.

Salto subscribers will indeed easily recognize the footballer Cam Watkins, still played by Mitchell Edwards, who appeared in a dozen episodes of the parent series, spread over the first four seasons. The one who had replaced Spencer in the Crenshaw team after his departure, then had disappeared from the radar, is also studying in Bringston now. And we can’t wait to see what the writers have in store for him in the future.

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