#Alive on Netflix: what is this zombie movie that hit South Korea? – Cinema News

#Alive on Netflix: what is this zombie movie that hit South Korea?  – Cinema News

Available since September 8 on Netflix, #Alive has had great success on the platform. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s what you need to know about this South Korean zombie flick.

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What’s worse than a pandemic and containment? A pandemic, containment and zombies. These are the ingredients of #Alive, a South Korean film released in theaters after the quarantine period. Co-written and directed by Cho Il-hyung, #Alive stars Joon-woo, a young geek and streamer who is forced to barricade himself in his home when a virus spreads and turns the population into zombies. Joon-woo then finds himself confined to his home for dozens of days until he discovers that one of his neighbors in the building opposite is also trying to survive …

Cho Il-hyung has teamed up with Hollywood screenwriter Matt Naylor to adapt the latter’s script titled #Alive to the Korean market. The film stars South Korean stars Yoo Ah-in, who starred in Lee Chang-dong’s Burning, and Park Shin-hye.Shot from October to December 2019, the zombie thriller sees its release in southern theaters. Korean postponed to June 24, 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. #Alive surpasses 1 million tickets at the South Korean box office after just 5 days of operation and becomes the first film to hit 1 million since February 2020.

The film totals just under 2 million admissions, which makes it a considerable success, especially in this period. However, with the thriller not reaching its breakeven point, it was released on platforms in July. Outside South Korea, #Alive has been available since September 8 on Netflix. In just a few days, the zombie movie has monopolized the best places in the top 10 viewing on Netflix in several countries, including France.

The #Alive trailer:

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