Alien: the real role of xenomorphs finally unveiled

The Alien franchise has been widely available in video games, books and comics. Published by Marvel, a comic book on the saga reveals in its last issue the real role of xenomorphs, explaining in passing the title of the film “Prometheus” by Ridley Scott!

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Like many franchises, that of Alien has logically been adapted on multiple media: video games, novels, and comics. In this register, Marvel comics in March launched new comic-books set in the emblematic universe of the Alien saga.

Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and illustrated by Salvador Larroca, this series reveals, in the last available volume, nothing less than the true role of the terrifying xenomorphs, also explaining in passing the title of Ridley Scott’s film released in 2012, Prometheus.

Warlike creatures, but not only …

This comic series puts in images the story of a character named Gabriel Cruz, a former employee of the Weyland-Yutani company, who also had the luck (or misfortune, it is according to …) d ‘be the only one to survive the birth of a Xenomorph.

His son, Danny, is opposed to the policy of the Weyland-Yutani, which wishes, for the record, to use and domesticate xenomorphs to make them a military weapon. Accompanied by his girlfriend, Iris, Danny travels to a space station named Epsilon, using his father’s Security Pass, to bring the Weyland’s actions to light. When he arrives there, he discovers that the station is home to xenomorphs, which escape.

With the help of a Bishop droid, his father tries to rescue him, to no avail. In the 6th volume of the comic book series, the authors reveal that Iris is actually a synthetic who has developed her own personality, like the Nexus of Blade Runner.

She then explains to Gabriel that the xenomorphs are in reality “the purifying fire of Prometheus”. Site editor David Eisenberg, says very well:

“Concretely, […], Iris explains that these terrible creatures are actually there to keep the universe in balance. When an intelligent species manages to acquire space travel, and when it occurs to it to step out of its system, it is confronted with the Xenomorphs that have been strategically placed on many worlds.

If she manages to survive, then she is free to continue her race. But if not, then she is forced into extinction. Which refers to the vision that Gabriel has in the comic strip, a vision where man sees humanity annihilated by the Xenomorphs it was trying to control … and who have turned against it. […] Far from being simple bloodthirsty creatures devoid of logic and utility, the Xenomorphs therefore serve to regulate the Universe and to ensure that a hostile species does not manage to escape its system “.

A role ultimately and effectively clearer than the at least convoluted explanations given in Prometheus and its sequel, Alien Covenant … To be compared with what Alien: Awakening should have been, the working title of the Covenant sequel, which is not ready to see the light of day …

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