Alien: “It’s not a Ripley story” … Noah Hawley (Fargo) says more about the series in preparation for FX

Currently in writing, the series “Alien” for FX will have no direct connection with the adventures of Ellen Ripley according to its creator Noah Hawley (“Fargo”). Based on Earth, she will open the universe of the saga and speak of class struggle.

Alien: "it's not a ripley story"... Noah hawley (fargo) says more about the series in preparation for fx
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Announced last December by John Landgraf, the boss of the American channel FX, the Alien series created by Noah Hawley, the Fargo and Legion showrunner, is becoming clearer.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Hawley, who will co-produce the series with Ridley Scott, the daddy of the Alien saga on the big screen, has revealed that he has already written the first two episodes, which are set to hit filming, hopefully, in the spring of 2022. For one broadcast on FX in 2023?

While we already knew that this first TV series registered in the Alien universe would take place on Earth, “in a future not too far from ours”, the creator and screenwriter of this new version intended for the small screen has said a little more about the main theme and the plot of the series.

And unfortunately for the fans, this new project will obviously have no direct link with the adventures of Ellen Ripley, played by Sigourney Weaver in the first 4 films of the saga released at the cinema between 1979 and 1997. “It’s not a Ripley story”, Noah Hawley explains to Vanity Fair. “She’s one of the best characters ever, but I think her story was told pretty well, so I don’t want to touch it.”.

“The series takes place on Earth. The plots of the Alien saga are always ‘locked up’. Contained in a closed universe such as a prison or a spaceship. I thought it would be interesting to open this up a bit. universe so that the issues of “What if you can’t contain this alien threat?” are more immediate “.

And if the creator of the series recalls that the first films of the Alien franchise saw blue collar workers, “space truckers”, face the xenomorphs and other formidable aliens, he explains that his vision of history will take us to the other side and show us who are the “white collar” who sent these men and women into space.

While retaining this theme of social inequality between workers and managers which, according to him, has always been at the heart of the saga. And is more relevant than ever in the world in which we live.

“[Les films] tell the story of those you send to do the dirty work “Hawley continues. “While on the show you will see who it is that instructs them to do this dirty work. So you will see what happens when the inequality that we are currently struggling with is not resolved. If, as a society, we fail to support each other and distribute the wealth, what’s going to happen to us? there’s this awesome line from Sigourney Weaver to Paul Reiser [dans Aliens, le retour] where she says, “I don’t know which species is the worst. But they, at least, don’t kill each other for a better percentage” “.

In short, class war and clash between white collar and creatures seem to be on the program of the Alien series currently in writing. And we can not wait to see the result.

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