Alien Covenant: why Ridley Scott’s film still doesn’t have the sequel that was…

Ridley Scott had promised it in 2017: a sequel to “Alien: Covenant”, linked to “Alien, the eighth passenger”… But in 2022, still nothing. So, what about this long-awaited sequel?

At the premiere ofAlien: Covenant in 2017, Ridley Scott had however clearly declared it: his plan was to continue the saga with more films. He had first talked about nearly 4 other variations to finally clarify shortly after that he could only do one or two more.

One thing, however, seemed certain: Alien: Covenant was not the end of the story. However, it has now been 5 years and fans are still waiting for another film in the saga…


One reason for the delay could be Alien: Covenant’s disappointing commercial performance upon release. With worldwide revenues of $240 million, it can’t be said that the film was a failure but compared to Prometheus, which raised more than $400 million in 2012, it was a loss. Did the public lose interest in the franchise then?

Ridley Scott’s plan was that John Logan writes the screenplay and focuses on the group of engineers who managed to escape from their planet after the devastation caused by David at the end of Prometheus – so he would have relied on Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston and Danny McBride to lead the project. This sequel would even have served to close the loop with Alien, the eighth passenger.

Alien covenant: why ridley scott's film still doesn't have the sequel that was...
20th Century Fox

Shortly after, we learned that the film, tentatively titled Alien: Covenant 2had been postponed and still had no confirmed release date.


Ridley Scott, however, did not fail to share more details about his project. First, a new title: Alien Awakening. This installment was going to prioritize androids and artificial intelligence over xenomorphs and the story would be set on the moon Acheron, formerly known as LV-426, a location described in Alien: The Eighth Passenger as hostile. and uninhabitable.

In the saga’s timeline, Acheron is considered one of the first places infested with xenomorphs. David would thus persecute the surviving engineers of his extermination on this moon.

Alien covenant: why ridley scott's film still doesn't have the sequel that was...
20th Century Fox

After those interesting plot promises that ultimately didn’t materialize, Disney bought out Fox, which resulted in the cancellation of many projects. Alien: Is Covenant one of them? There is the question.


Some time later, the subject came up again: it was rumored that Ridley Scott was preparing a prequel, but he too seems to have been forgotten when the series Alien was announced at the end of 2020 – with noah hawley at the bar. The show, however, should be released in 2023 on Hulu.

In the summer of 2021, the sequel seemed to be confirmed yet again but delayed again. Since then, he has not given any sign of life. And a reversal of the situation: last March, a new film in the saga was announced but… totally independent from the rest!

Realized by Fede Alvarez, this feature film which would be preparing even received the approval of Ridley Scott in person, very busy with other projects. Indeed, the filmmaker, who will soon celebrate his 85th birthday, recently finished filming his biopic on Napoleon Bonaparte, Napoleonwith Joaquin Phoenixwhich will be released on Apple TV in 2023 and should soon begin that of Gladiator 2.

So, what about this famous sequel to Alien: Covenant? Only the future will tell us if we will see it one day and if it will be directed by Ridley Scott or not.

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