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Launched in 2002 on TF1, the series “Alice Nevers”, led by Marine Delterme and Jean-Michel Tinivelli, ends after 18 seasons and 119 episodes. The last two episodes of the eighteenth and final season aired in early November.

The adventures of Deputy Prosecutor Alice Nevers (Marine Delterme) and Commander Fred Marquand (Jean-Michel Tinivelli) will not be followed up on TF1. While fans were without news of a possible season 19 since the broadcast of the last unreleased last November, we are today able to announce that the detective series launched in 2002 on the front page is ending after 18 seasons and no less than 119 episodes.

Alice Nevers was herself a non-direct “sequel”, or variation, of the Florence Larrieu series: the judge is a woman, broadcast between 1993 and 2002, and carried by Florence Pernel. The brand “The judge is a woman” will have remained on the air for 27 years, to the delight of lovers of detective fiction. Constituting one of TF1’s longevity records with Commissioner Moulin (32 years on the air), Une Famille formidable (26 years), or Julie Lescaut (22 years).

According to our information, this stop is the consequence of the audiences in decline of the series on targets. Indeed, if Alice Nevers continued to gather a significant number of viewers (they were still 5.18 million faithful on average in front of the last two episodes of season 18 on November 5, 2020), the expected scores on the priority targets, and especially on women responsible for purchases under 50, were no longer present. As proof, on October 22, the launch night of the last season, the audience share of the FRDA-50 was only 16.9%, which is not enough for TF1 in prime-time.

It is therefore an important page in the history of the French series of TF1 which turns with the judgment of Alice Nevers. But fans will be able to find their favorite heroes one last time on the air since the last two episodes of Season 14 of Research Section, which premieres on January 28 on the front page, will take the form of a crossover event with Alice Nevers at the during which Alice, Marquand, Victor Lemonnier (Guillaume Carcaud), and Djibril Kadiri (Gary Mihaileanu) will join forces with Bernier (Xavier Deluc) and Lucas (Franck Sémonin) when two homicides following the same procedure will occur in parallel in Nice and in Paris.

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