Alice Nevers on TF1: what is the final event of the series worth with Marine Delterme? – News…

After 18 seasons, “Alice Nevers” ends this evening on TF1 with a double episode which sees Alice and Marquand make a new start in Normandy. Does this final investigation and his long-awaited marriage act as a successful final bouquet?

All good things come to an end. After twenty years of existence, 18 seasons, and no less than 121 episodes on the clock, Alice Nevers will bow out tonight on TF1 with a double concluding episode that will finally give fans the ending they were entitled to expect. , after the announcement of the end of the series a little over a year ago.

Filmed at the end of last year, “Cavalcades”, directed by Chris Briant and scripted by Claire Alexandrakis and Aude Blanchard, takes us to Normandy, where Alice (Marine Delterme) and Marquand (Jean-Michel Tinivelli) have decided to take a new departure far from the hustle and bustle of Paris.

But while they were planning to adapt to their new functions smoothly and quietly prepare for their upcoming wedding, nothing will go as planned for the star couple of Alice Nevers. While Marquand is undercover in an equestrian training center located not far from Mont-Saint-Michel, the assassination of a young jockey will disrupt his mission and will plunge Alice into a world where competition feeds on violence. and money. And where the two heroes will have to overcome all the obstacles to deserve their happy ending.

Intrigue against a background of horse racing and a long-awaited wedding do they form an unstoppable cocktail allowing Alice Nevers to leave in style? Would this finale even make us regret that a full nineteenth season has not seen the light of day? Not sure…

Alice nevers on tf1: what is the final event of the series worth with marine delterme? - news...

An interesting universe but a too classic investigation

For this episode in the form of a farewell, the production and TF1 have opted for an intrigue with the false air of a reboot since, exit Paris, where Alice and Marquand conducted the investigation for years, and direction Normandy on the occasion of the a new start for the couple, who decided to abandon the hustle and bustle of the big cities in favor of the calm of the province, like many French people following the first confinement of 2020.

The script for this double episode could therefore almost have launched a new season of Alice Nevers, but viewers will have to settle for a final investigation. And that’s where the shoe pinches because this latest adventure of Alice and Marquand is unfortunately not wildly original and struggles to really fascinate.

The universe of the finale, which takes us into the world of jockeys and horse racing through the backstage of an equestrian training center, has the merit of having been little explored on television or in the cinema. But the investigation itself is far too classic for this episode to really stand out. Fans, accustomed to the series, will certainly find their account. But Alice Nevers has in any case in the past been able to offer us more gripping episodes.

Alice nevers on tf1: what is the final event of the series worth with marine delterme? - news...

A wedding that will delight fans of the series

Fortunately, this double concluding chapter is based on the obvious chemistry between Marine Delterme and Jean-Michel Tinivelli, who certainly know each other by heart after 13 seasons spent as a duo, and offer quality performances for the very last of Alice and Marking.

Facing them, we appreciate finding Paul Bartel (Les Petits princes) as a jockey suspected of the murder of his rival, and Garance Thénault, seen last summer in the mini-series Judged guilty. While Laurent Gamelon (Clem) pulls out of the game in the role of the commissioner with whom the prosecutor Nevers must now collaborate in Normandy. A character who, like Marquand, brings a little humor and lightness to the whole.

Despite a somewhat disappointing investigation, the end of Alice Nevers also has the merit of offering fans what they have been waiting for, even hoping for, for years: the marriage between the two heroes. An event that takes place during the last ten minutes and can only delight all the faithful of the series.

Especially since many former recurring actors have made the trip to shoot a few sequences and above all not to miss the wedding of Alice and Marquand. Including Arnaud Binard (Sylvain Romance) and Jean Dell (Edouard Lemonnier), who respectively left the series in season 5 and season 10.

Intended for die-hard fans, to whom the production, the channel, and the actors wanted to say thank you (the very last sequence is the perfect proof of this, but shhh), “Cavalcades” will therefore certainly serve as a nice final bouquet. after twenty years of a love affair between the series and the public.

But this latest survey also proves that Alice Nevers, as the Research Section, which is also stopping this year, had certainly had its day. And that it is now appropriate to leave room for detective fiction with more modern mechanics, such as HPI or Balthazar.

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