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Unlikely but true! Didier Bourdon was dubbed by a wrestler for a scene for Philippe Lacheau’s new comedy, 2.

What is the link between Didier Bourdon and wrestling? Answer: A stunt scene in 2, currently showing!

A wrestler was indeed called in to double Didier Bourdon in one of the most physical scenes of the film, in this case that of the flying plate, which can be seen in the video above.

We can betray the secret, Didier had a double, a professional wrestler. Except that we were turning by 42°. There are very physical scenes, so the gentleman was very, very hot. But really hot! There were a lot of scenes where I had to be glued to certain parts of her body. It wasn’t crazy…“, revealed Philippe Lacheau in The Children of TV on France 2, last week.

Body Double: the body, buttocks and leg linings of stars

The newspaper The Parisian went to meet this double, and here is his face! This 41-year-old Norman wrestler is called Noël Crépin, and took his first steps in the cinema for the need for this scene.

The making of this scene required a certain ingenuity to achieve it, and Philippe Lacheau agreed to reveal the tricks of it, in the Quotidien program recently.

It’s done backwards. You pull a little thread, and then you redo the image the other way around, so that it’s aimed. And we delete the thread. There are great ways! We don’t have 3D glasses, but there are great special effects. Tremble, James Cameron!

For the record, 2 was released in theaters this Wednesday, February 8, 2023.

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