Alexey Navalny’s life is Putin’s ‘personal’ responsibility, say Russian politicians

“The state of health of political prisoner aleksej Navalny threatens his life,” said the letter, signed by some 11 countries representing civil parliaments, demanded an independent Navalny was immediately allowed to visit the doctor.

The figure went on hunger strike on March 31 to rule ‘own medical care, “and then examined by a doctor and independent – and the right team, and it was unable to colon Pokrov in the penal.

The partners are closed and the Kremlin for raising safety rules Navalny saying “death” and the doctors said that medical tests showed that renal failure, and increasing the risk of heart problems. Textile Navalny no one can know the state of health.

“We regard what is going on in relation to the attempted Navalny is in a state that is hated by his enemies,” the letter, which is open for Russian citizens to sign said. He spent the first widely around the common.

“You, the President of the Russian Federation, personally bear responsibility for the life of the aleksej Navalny on the territory of the Russian Federation, in prison facilities including – [you bear this responsibility] Navalny to him, and among his own kin, and of the whole of the world. “It said, while also calling the cancellation a review of all cases of criminal and Navalny.

Countrywide protests in vain

The situation is escalating Navalny led to report that he was asked on April 21 in Russia for help against him.

“Navalny now had in his life hanging on a thread,” Leonid Volkov, chief of staff John said Zhdanov Navalny see the general and the director’s anti-corruption foundation aleksej Navalny (FBK).

“And now he has been on hunger strike for several weeks, and medical attention. His condition is critical, and we do not know how much longer I can hold out. However, it is clear that time does not exist,” added the video, which it is said that in Russia the citizens of central squares.

Russian ambassador to the UK Andrey Kelin told BBC interview to be aired on that day Navalny for “hooligan activity as a ‘can not have been the case if the first released from the prison’s normal wear.”

The normal behavior of the man would not elaborate on what they are doing.

Putin and Biden were circling one another blindly

When pressed by the BBC to answer whether the Russian government would be ready to be Navalny to die in prison, Kelin said: “of course he will not be able to die in prison. But I can not say that Mr. Navalny behaves like a hooligan at all, trying to violate the rule in all which is unalterable. all of the republic, which is to attract attention, and left saying that badly today, tomorrow, thigh and sick of that stuff. “

Addressing critics say that is not allowed to see his personal physician Navalny, Kelin asked: “What about British prisoners? British prisoners and ask personal doctors?”

‘[Navalny] medical treatment when they need it, and believe me, that take care of their medical treatment, “he said.

France’s Foreign Minister said Sunday from his home in the “most worried about the safety Navalny.

“I consider the greatest care to Navalny is” Jean Le Marcus driana the public broadcaster France 3. “And that really is the authority tract in Russia. The case of the Navalny is mainly symbolic, because the most striking minds, “he added.

Martin Goillandeau attention to this report.

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