Alexandre Astier struggling with a car in a little-known short film

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While “Kaamelott – First part” has been in theaters since July 21, back in 2005 when Alexandre Astier, shortly before playing King Arthur, found himself stuck inside a car, in the short film “Anaconda “.

Alexandre astier struggling with a car in a little-known short film

Like most actors and filmmakers, before meeting the success he knows today, Alexandre Astier began his career with more confidential and often unrecognized projects.

While the feature film Kaamelott – First installment (sequel to the famous series) has been in theaters since July 21, let’s go back more than 15 years in the past, just before King Arthur takes his place around the Round Table.

In 2005, a few months before the launch of the great Kaamelott adventure, Alexandre Astier was indeed the main actor of the short film Anaconda, a rather crazy film by Benjamin Geffroy., in which Astier found himself trapped inside his own car, like prey swallowed by a snake.

During the 6 minutes of the short film, we can thus see him struggling unsuccessfully to manage to free himself from this formidable trap, already perfectly mastering the angry and impatient facial expressions that will often characterize Arthur on the throne of Kaamelott.

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