Alexa Can Now Alert You to Upcoming Amazon Prime Deals


Chris Monroe/CNET

Alexa will soon begin giving advance notice of Amazon Prime deals. If you have products in your wish list or shopping cart, or if you’ve saved them for later, Alexa will notify you of upcoming discounts, up to 24 hours ahead of time.

Amazon’s voice assistant has already begun notifying users of discounts on Amazon Prime products, but those notifications have come at the time of the deal becoming active. This feature seems to be yet another bid to make Alexa a more valuable asset for Amazon shopping — much like Alexa-only discounts.

If you hear a deal that you’d like to take advantage of, you can wait to buy the product yourself or you can tell Alexa to buy it. Alexa will wait and purchase the product at the moment the discount takes effect.

To get these advance notifications, you’ll need an Amazon Prime account and any of the more recent Amazon Echo smart speakers or Echo Show smart displays. The notifications are live on Alexa now.

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