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At Silverstone a Márquez won again, but it was Álex. The youngest of the family saga opened his box of triumphs in MotoGP with a display of pure talent and finesse in the race at the sprint of the British GP. Under very delicate conditions after the downpour that even led the riders to doubt the safety of going out on the track, the 27-year-old rider from Cervera demonstrated once again the merits that have led him to compete with the best in the world. .

His bet, a year ago, to change the Honda that is sinking his brother for the Ducati that dominates the championship with an iron fist has paid off: he got his first pole position in Argentina, the second date of the course, and in the ninth he finally savored the sweetness of victory. Three and a half years he has waited, turning a deaf ear to uncomfortable comparisons with Marc despite having won world titles in Moto3 (2014) and Moto2 (2019).

“Today I felt that it was the day to win, and I have told my team that way,” he commented in the closed park. “We have started plugged in. From the third round I have seen that he had a good feeling”, He then added to the DAZN microphones. He himself, however, confirmed that he has more ambitions, remembering that the victory at sprint It does not count in the official statistics. “But better this than nothing,” she smiled, her eyes on the long run. This Sunday (2:00 p.m., DAZN) he will start third on the grid with the intention of once again overtaking Marco Bezzecchi, the man from the pole that in the last lap he was about to overcome a second of margin and annoy his first toast in the premier class.

Marc Márquez changes focus

The bad day for Marc, eight times world champion, did not prevent him from giving him a touch of gas and giving his little brother a thumbs up. The Honda benchmark, who arrived at Silverstone with a new approach for the remainder of the season, finished 18th in the event, his worst finish line position since his debut a decade ago. He started 14th after failing to find a rhythm with his machine even in the rain, a factor that routinely evens out performance between manufacturers.

“Not even in water have things come out. In qualifying I took a risk and I saw that there were no sensations, there I took a step back”, explained 93. “In the race I decided to wait for the other Hondas, I looked back to find my position, so that the others would pass me a little Little by little,” he acknowledged. Márquez came to Silverstone to find a firm base to work on and little else, but it was hard for him to believe after his determination to try to win in the first half of the course. His stubbornness led him to fall more than ever in the eight races prior to the summer break, and the physical consequences of him still carry them now, somewhat lame due to ailments in the groin and right ankle.

The great dominator of the last decade allowed himself to be passed by the last of the row, the never seen before, and finished behind his teammate Joan Mir, with the four Hondas finishing hopelessly at the bottom of the standings. There they also met Fabio Quartararo’s Yamaha, another sign that Japanese harakiri continues after a five-week summer break. Lus champions, ultimately, resign themselves. “The approach with which we faced the first part of the season was not correct, because we did it thinking about trying to win races and fight for the title, and we were not prepared for that,” argued the older Márquez.

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