Alex Lutz, Emma Stone, Kit Harrington… They played tennis on screen!

While Roland-Garros has just ended and “5th Set” is released in theaters, focus on these films which have put tennis in the spotlight and allowed Alex Lutz, Shia LaBeouf, Emma Stone or even Kit Harington to hit the little yellow ball.

From biopics (Borg / McEnroe, Battle of the Sexes) to schoolboy comedy (7 Days In Hell, Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach) through drama (5th Set, Clay, Match Point) and romance (La Most beautiful of victories): the little yellow ball has been invited to the screen from time to time!

While the prestigious Roland-Garros tournament has just ended and 5th Set hits theaters on Wednesday, a look back at eight films that put tennis in the spotlight and in particular allowed Alex Lutz, Shia LaBeouf, Emma Stone or even Kit Harington, the star of Game of Thrones, to tread the racquet courts at the hand.

The trailer for “5th Set”, in theaters this Wednesday, June 16:

5th Set (2021)

20202 – 22h22 – FILMS DU CRU – CINE- @ – APOLLO FILMS – STUDIOCANAL – PRAESENS FILM – GAPBUSTERS – Photo _ Marie-Camille Orlando (

In 5th Set, the actor Alex lutz slips into the skin of a former hope of French tennis, now close to forty. As he prepares for what should be his last tournament, he refuses to abdicate and, suddenly intoxicated with a desire to save his honor, embarks on an unlikely Homeric fight with uncertain outcome …

Partly shot in the grounds of Roland-Garros, 5th Set required a lot of physical preparation from Alex Lutz. “Advised by a coach, I forced myself to hit balls relentlessly, missing a lot, a lot”, says the actor. “I played very, very badly at first, then played badly. I still don’t play well, but there is a better (laughs).”

Borg / McEnroe (2017)

Universum Film

Borg / McEnroe, led by Sverrir Gudnason and Shia Labeouf, evokes the journey of two tennis legends: the impassive Swede Björn Borg and his main rival, the impetuous American John McEnroe. The high point of this fascinating feature film when it examines the weaknesses of the two champions: the legendary duel between the two players during the Wimbledon tournament in 1980.

Battle of the Sexes (2017)

Twentieth Century Fox France

Battle of the Sexes, based on a true story, tells the story of champion Billie Jean King who, in 1972, committed to the equality of men and women, starting with respect on the tennis courts. It was then that the former world number one Bobby Riggs, notoriously misogynist and provocative, challenged him: to face him in a single match … Emma Stone and Steve Carell.

Match Point (2005)

TFM Distribution

Match Pointis the story of a young tennis teacher from a modest background who gets hired in a club upscale London neighborhood. It does not take long for him to sympathize with Tom Hewett, a young man of high society, and to seduce his sister Chloe. But a young American actress will turn her daily life upside down. A brilliant melodramatic thriller signed Woody Allen in which notably illustrate Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and Scarlett Johansson.

Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach (2007)

ONC Entertainment / GreeneStreet Films

Released only on DVD in France, the schoolboy comedy Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach features a crazy high school supervisor who decides to coach a team of tennis players to lead them to a championship in Nebraska. In the main role, we find Seann William Scott, the priceless Stifler of the American Pie saga.

7 Days In Hell (2015)


Designed for the HBO channel, 7 Days In Hell tells the incredible story, on the grass of Wimbledon, of a tennis match that will last … seven days! This absolutely crazy movie, in which the real tennis stars (Serena Williams, John McEnroe), is led by Kit Harington (Game Of Thrones) and Andy Samberg (Brooklyn Nine-Nine).

Clay (2014)

Diaphana Distribution

The drama tennis film. Clay tells the story of Jérôme (Olivier Gourmet), who seeks to set up his company at all costs. His young son, Ugo, who plays tennis, wants to become a champion and must therefore join the National Training Center at Roland-Garros. Both are ready for anything, but will learn that you can’t bend all the rules to be successful.

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