Alex Hugo: Samuel Le Bihan reacts to the announcement of the departure of Lionnel Astier in …

While France 3 is broadcasting this evening a new unprecedented episode of “Alex Hugo”, Samuel Le Bihan, the star of the successful detective series, reacted in an interview to the announcement of the upcoming departure of Lionnel Astier, who has been playing Angelo since 2014.

Alex hugo: samuel le bihan reacts to the announcement of the departure of lionnel astier in...

Launched last week on France 3, which now airs the series on Tuesday evening after seven years spent on France 2, season 7 of Alex Hugo continues this evening with a new unpublished episode entitled “La fin des temps” which begins with the discovery of the corpse of a man, spat out by the waters of a torrent, and the arrival of a young adolescent girl without identity in Alex’s chalet (Samuel Le Bihan).

Mute, frightened, the young girl seems to discover the world and technology for the first time. Did she manage to escape a long confinement, or did she live away from everyone, somewhere in the mountains? In any case, the danger lurks: a “shadow” seems determined to recover it. Alex takes her under his wing and embarks on a double investigation. A search for truth that will plunge the mountain cop into the heart of the sometimes worrying universe of survivalists.

As every year, the duo formed by Samuel Le Bihan and Lionnel Astier therefore returns to the delight of the fans, who are still as numerous to follow Alex Hugo since the first episode of season 7, proposed last Tuesday on France 3, brought together 5.73 million viewers, or 25.8% of the public. Thus allowing the channel to be leader in front of Koh Lanta on TF1.

But the adventure will soon stop for Lionnel Astier, the interpreter of Angelo Batalla, since the actor announced last May that he had made the decision to leave the successful series of France Télévisions after eight seasons of good and loyal service.

“I’m going to stop, today I think I have made the tour of my character, I have the feeling that we are a bit in the repetition concerning him, so I say to myself” if I don’t do it now … ” “, he confided to Télé Loisirs, before adding that the number of episodes per season, increased from 2 to 4, was also there for something. “If Alex Hugo had kept the pace of two episodes a year, I would have stayed”.

Alex hugo: samuel le bihan reacts to the announcement of the departure of lionnel astier in...

Recently interviewed by Leisure TV, Samuel Le Bihan reacted to Lionnel Astier’s announcement and seems to understand his playing partner’s need to devote himself to other projects. “Lionnel wants to participate in other projects and sometimes the filming of Alex Hugo prevents him and he is forced to refuse. It is normal that he wants to live his artistic adventure. And as I am. like it a lot, I find it normal that it needs to be fulfilled “.

The interpreter of Alex Hugo continues by explaining that he hopes that Angelo, faithful sidekick of his character, will not be replaced strictly speaking: “I don’t want to be replaced. I don’t want someone to come and be in Angelo’s place, especially to give him the opportunity to come back if he wants to. In life, there are paths that take us in such amazing directions, I want this to be a new path. I don’t want us to cling to keeping the same things. Let’s take advantage of this new breath, to reinvent itself, rethink the concept “.

And if the fans will not contradict him, as Angelo is one of the central figures of the series to whom it will be difficult to say goodbye, Samuel Le Bihan wishes to reassure viewers: they will still be able to enjoy the duo Alex- Angelo for a while. “We’re shooting two more seasons, so [Lionnel] not going to leave right away. We will be able to continue having a little fun together because we are having a good time. We like to work together “.

Indeed, season 7, boxed last year, has two other unreleased items that will be broadcast soon on France 3. And three new episodes, which in turn constitute season 8, were shot this year for broadcast. in 2022. Still with Lionnel Astier in the cast who, according to his recent statements, could bid farewell to Alex Hugo at the start of season 9, scheduled for …. 2023 on France 3.

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