Aldi’s Woven Banana Leaf Cat Egg Chair is Stylish and Comforting

People truly looking to buy furniture for their feline will definitely go and check what’s cooking inside Wayfair. Finding a cat bed, egg chair or any other pet furniture on an e-commerce site isn’t the big challenge but finding a suitable item in a bargain basement is the real deal. If you are a pet parent who is looking for cat furniture for your notorious tabby, Aldi is here to assist you with its latest egg chair which is cheaper than a similar chair listed on Wayfair.

Available for £40 ($47) on Aldi UK, this standing cat egg chair comprises a metal frame and a woven banana leaf body. The cat bed rests on a cylindrical base and features an elevated pod that allows air to circulate underneath. The natural woven banana leaf finish will make it a cool household item. Designed by Pet Collection, it would be a great addition to your house and also a comfy pod for your feline.

When compared with a similar cat egg chair that costs about $229 on Wayfair UK, it is five times cheaper, making it a great deal for pet owners. Being lightweight (2.37 kg), it is easier for the owner to place the cat bed either sideways or upwards.

I am confident your cat would love a pet chair that also serves as a pet bed. Your cat can comfortably sleep inside the pod on a polyester cushion.

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The woven banana leaf cat egg chair measures around 47L x 33W cm but that won’t be a problem since cats are known to live in enclosed spaces. I am pretty sure your little feline would fancy this cocoon-like chair made of natural materials more than anything else.

So, before it runs out of stock or Aldi changes its mind, reserve a cat egg chair through the official website and gift it to your cat for her very own cocooning comfort.

Aldi's Egg Chair for under $50
Picture: Aldi
Aldi's Egg Chair for under $50
Picture: Aldi

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