Albert Dupontel: after Adieu les cons, a political film in project, Second Tour

Albert Dupontel: after Adieu les cons, a political film in project, Second Tour

Brigitte Baronnet

Brigitte Baronnet


Passionate about French cinema, adoring to survey festivals, Brigitte Baronnet has been a journalist for AlloCiné for 10 years. She hosts the Spotlight podcast.

After “Farewell the idiots”, released at the cinema this Wednesday, Albert Dupontel is preparing a political film, “Second Tour”, of which he reveals the outlines. The cast is not yet known.


After Adieu les cons, a Second Tour for Albert Dupontel! While his multi-Caesarized comedy has just returned to theaters, we know a little more about his 8th feature film, named Second Tour.

On the occasion of the promotion of the release of the film, the filmmaker has indeed revealed the subject of this project, in which he should not a priori not play.

In the columns of the JDD, published last weekend, the director indicates that it will be “a political fable with a thriller dimension“.”We will follow a journalist investigating an electoral campaign because one of the candidates she knew as a child full of oddities, now presents himself as a very clean and smooth man …“, he continues.

The other main character of the film will be a forty-something launched into politics. Second Tour, as its name suggests, will be a film anchored in politics, with the desire “to talk about the people who govern us and who are unable to recognize their mistakes“, as the filmmaker pointed out to our colleagues from 20 minutes. In Le Journal du Dimanche, he adds: “I no longer understand these people who are incapable of making coherent speeches and who throw batons if they are contradicted. This is what the film will try to tell. “

The film should be inspired by “personal memories“by Albert Dupontel,”including the first love stories that never succeed but leave indelible scars“.

The scenario is being finalized. The cast is not yet known.

Adieu les cons is back on the bill: from Brazil to Chaplin, the influences of Albert Dupontel

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