The best weapon upgrades in Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 weapon upgrade

The Dark Place and Cultists In alan wake 2 They may be dark and twisted manifestations of some evil force, but once you overcome the darkness, everything will come into your arsenal of firearms. Neither Allen nor FBI Agent Saga are equipped with exactly the firepower you’d want when traversing haunted forests and mind-bendingly dark places, but they make do with what they have through clever means. . Saga in particular is so skilled that she can upgrade all the weapons in her inventory to better protect herself from the supernatural threats that pursue her. Upgrades aren’t cheap, and even if you’ve got all the weapons in the game, you’ll need to make some tough decisions on how to improve them. Here are the upgrades you need to see the final chapter alan wake 2the story of.

How do weapon upgrades work?

A pistol magazine and weapon upgrade menu in Alan Wake 2.
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You can upgrade your weapons whenever you want alan wake 2 By visiting Saga’s mind place. Any weapon you own is available to upgrade there, provided you have the required amount of manuscript fragments which you collect from lunchboxes hidden around the map. These are separate from the Cult Stashes, so keep an eye out for them as you’ll need to find a few of these before you can purchase the first upgrade.

best weapon upgrades

more pills

Your starting pistol may not be the flashiest gun alan wake 2, but it is always reliable and never ceases to be effective. The first upgrade you should get should be more bullets. This will increase the pistol’s default magazine size from 12 to 18. This will obviously make it easier and safer to tackle encounters as you won’t be caught reloading again and again, but will also help keep your inventory clean as it will take up less space. Gunpowder.

another headshot

Another pistol upgrade if you are a sharpshooter, another headshot is very powerful. If you can land two headshots in a row, the unlucky Cultist will be stunned for a long time. This gives you enough time to deal free damage, heal, or simply run away if you’re low on resources and not ready for a fight.

ready for more

The best shotgun upgrades are easily ready for more. Healing is not only a limited resource, which again takes up inventory space but also has a somewhat lengthy animation. If you’re in a tight spot and on the verge of death, there’s usually not much you can do. Ready for More may give you relief as it will turn any murder with a gun into a little treat. It’s not a huge amount, but it makes a difference.

two shots

Crossbow may be a late addition to your toolset, but it’s worth saving some manuscript fragments to upgrade as soon as possible. Two shot range is required, allowing you to fire twice instead of just once before reloading.

magnetic pull

The magnetic pull might be the best upgrade in the game. With this, when you’ve skewered an enemy with a bolt, switching to the other gun will send those bullets to the bolt for a guaranteed hit. If you’re comfortable switching weapons on the fly, it’s satisfying and efficient.

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