while the first alan wake game While it certainly had a lot of scares and horror, the mechanics were not of the survival horror variety. alan wake 2 However, The Taken has gone completely in this direction, with a much darker tone, disturbing imagery, and restrictive combat mechanics that keep the tension up throughout The Taken Attack.

Aside from limited ammo, low health, and difficult enemies to defeat, a major aspect of survival horror games is an inventory system. The first game essentially let you have as much ammo, batteries, and weapons as you wanted in each chapter, but the sequel introduced a grid system that will feel familiar to Resident Evil fans. just like resident evil, Your inventory starts out quite small, but you may find that it has plenty of room to grow. There are some special items hidden in and around Bright Falls that can expand your carrying capacity, but many are well hidden in dark corners. Here are the locations of each inventory upgrade alan wake 2,

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An inventory upgrade item in Alan Wake 2.
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There are a total of four upgrade items to find alan wake 2 However, spread across different maps, they are divided between two heroes. Saga can upgrade his inventory three times, while Alan can only upgrade his inventory once, and he does so through the Word of Power rather than an item.

saga inventory upgrade

The first inventory upgrade you can get in the game is in Cauldron Lake, but only on your second visit after coming back from Bright Falls. While exploring the General Store, a sectarian will break through the wall to attack you. After taking him down, go into the room he opened and find the bag on the floor to your right.

After this, you have to wait until you advance the story and the water recedes so you can go to the river section of the map. Down this path, you’ll find one of the Cultist stashes. Upon solving the small puzzle and opening it, you will get a second inventory upgrade among the loot.

Saga’s final inventory upgrade can be found in Bright Falls, but you can’t access it until you reach Return 5 and get the Bolt Cutters. Once they have you, go down Harbor Street and then go to the dock near the building labeled “Fresh Seafood” and use the cutter to open the gate. There is another Cult Stash hidden in this area with a combination lock. Use code 967 to open it and get the final inventory upgrade.

allen inventory upgrade

Alan only gets one inventory upgrade, which as mentioned, will be tied to the Word of Power rather than an item. As stated, you have to find and “collect” it in the same way.

Once you reach Initiative 5, head to the ballroom of the Oceanview Hotel. Go to the bar and shine your flashlight above the bar to highlight a glyph that unlocks the Word of Stuff. Once you have it, you will have three options as to which upgrade to get, if you want to expand your inventory by an additional row the Magic Pocket will be the option you can choose.

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